Five Proven Ways To Save Your Relationship

It’s been a few years down the line now, the dinner dates, cosy movie nights, late night drives have disappeared. Now you’re left wondering where the spark has gone. This is for you.

Having a happy relationship is not a far-fetched dream. However, when stuck in a place of no progress, it does seem like one. It’s high time for saving action in a relationship when the rift between you two only seems to be deepening.

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Anger and feelings of betrayal are common when your loved one withdraws from you. However, acting on it will only further the rift between you both. What we must first recognize is why we feel what we feel.

The reason? Well, It’s because we want to be heard, feel like we matter and be reassured of being loved. Understanding yourself is the first step. Keeping that in mind, try to implement these five simple steps to heal your connection with that special person.


The first and foremost cornerstone to a good relationship, is good communication. When you or your partner fail at expressing your feelings to one another, you are inevitaby building distance between yourselves.

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Clear communication can prevent even the goriest of wars. When you are honest with yourself and your partner, healing begins.

Forgive, forget and let go

The saying, let bygones be bygones has much significance in this scenario. If either of you or both of you have done things to hurt each other, now is the time to understand and let go.

Bitter water between people makes relationships go cold. To save a relationship, we must first revive friendship.

Set up and respect boundaries

To ensure that you and your partner no longer push each other’s buttons, it’s important to know when not to cross the line.

Setting your boundaries firmly helps with this. It isn’t going to push you both away, rather, it will help you both understand each other’s tolerance level. Respecting boundaries is a sign of mutual respect and creates a sense of security in the relationship.

Playing hard to get

It’s understandable, the anger and frustration that would feel when ignored or avoided by their partner. The best way to have someone hooked to you is not by playing mind games or playing hard to get. Rather, it is by being your genuine self, irrespective of how they are to you.

If your partner has been rather cold with you and suddenly wants to talk it out, don’t play hard to get, don’t seek revenge. Hear them out and truly see if you both can make it work.

Let go and let it flow

You may see that many love gurus offer advice on how to attract your partner and keep them with you. Let’s start with the phrase keeping your man/woman. Love is not about ownership or control. The more you try to control, the more hurdles in reaching relationship milestones.

Truth be told, when your partner’s actions aren’t related to your sense of control or worth. Or vice versa, communication between you two eases and finally, being together becomes truly enjoyable.

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