Five Must-Know Biggest Secrets To A Happy Relationship

A happy relationship is one that leaves you feeling content, supported, loved and confident. Maintaining such a relationship however, requires sincere work. Keeping that in mind, what if I told you today, that there are just five simple things that can transform your love life? Yes, from the best sources around the world, we found five simple traits that aid in living heaven on earth.


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The first and foremost stage to a satisfying relationship is ‘attraction’. We’re talking about mutual attraction. This isn’t about how you must always look chilli hot. Well, truth be told; yes, that is important and good. However, down the line, attraction between you two will be more about effort. The saying ‘Effort is sexy’ didn’t do its rounds for no reason.

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Seeing your partner put in effort to please you, makes their attractiveness go up exponentially. Let’s say y’all have been together for a year now, things have started to dull.

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The only way to keep the spark going is by doing tiny things every day that make both feel loved. So go ahead, surprise your lady with some flowers, wow your man with that hot red dress, and cook that turkey dinner she doesn’t expect.


A good non-toxic relationship is one where both you and your partner are independent. Independence here signifies being whole in yourself. This way you won’t mistake the need of your partner as love or affection. Which in turn leads to a relationship of mutual respect and freedom.

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Now there’s nothing wrong with needing people, it is the most human tendency. However, when need overtakes love and affection in a relationship, that constitutes a classic co-dependency.


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World renowned mystic and teacher Khalil Gibran said-

Let there be spaces in your togetherness… And stand together, yet not too near together:  For the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow

Yes, it’s about giving each other space to be yourselves. When you are authentic with your partner, you also have an authentic relationship. An authentic and happy relationship.

Two people who learn to give respect, distance and time to each other are a couple who’s here to stay together. One of the most important aspects to a happy relationships is space; to be yourself.


Any happy relationship has a strong friendship as its foundation. Before you become lovers, you must first be good friends. A deep friendship is fertile ground for mutual respect and authenticity. It not only builds trust but also contributes to making memories together. There’s nothing better than taking up adventures beside someone who loves you and is also your best friend.


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Lastly, the final key to a happy relationship stems from reliability. When you feel safe with your partner and vice versa, you both create a safe world for the two of you. A secure space to be your most true self.

Notably, reliability is not something that comes immediately with love. It is rather built over time. Each time a couple keeps their word to each other, they build trust. Stronger the trust, happier the relationship.

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