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8 Eating Hacks To Avoid Gaining Weight and Achieve A Flatter Belly

Many of us have been constantly working towards our fitness goals, by planning our workouts and by trying to find the best superfoods and superdrinks for weight loss and a flat belly.

Some people have remarked that even when they follow the plan to the boot, there is always a little something left behind and they can’t quite get that perfect flat belly they want.

Research has found that even while we follow our workout and diet plans properly, our eating habits play a major role in our weight loss. The nutrition experts say that “eating habits” here do not refer to what you eat, but how you eat and in what kind of environment. So how you eat, where you eat, with whom you eat – all of this affects your diet and eventually causes weight gain.

We have brought out some of the simplest eating hacks you can use to control your weight:

#1. Keep the pots of food in the kitchen, eat at the dining table

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Best way to eat less is to serve the food from the kitchen into your plate, and then bring the plate to the dining area instead of bringing the entire food over.

This means you’ll have to take a trip to the kitchen every time you need a refill, and it will discourage you from eating more. Also, if the food is out of sight then it induces less cravings for an extra helping.

#2. Stock up on water, keep drinking during the meal

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Opposite to the food tactic we just told you above – every time you’re eating, keep a jug of water on your table and keep drinking during your meal. Most of the times we are just thirsty instead of hungry, and we end up eating more instead of drinking water.

#3. Eat in smaller plates

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Using smaller plates for eating is an advice that most people would give you for weight loss. That’s because it’s true. Food in a smaller plate looks more in volume and amount, and it discourages you from eating more.

It also means you’ll have to run to the kitchen every time your plate gets empty, and that extra trip is another thing that will keep you from eating more than what is necessary.

#4. Choose a bright red colour for plates

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Or any unappetizing colour. Some people choose yellow, pistachio green, brick red – any such colour that doesn’t induce the desire to indulge in eating more.

Using white ceramic plates or silver steel actually makes people more hungry and they end up eating more. The colour of your plate should be such you’d think of quickly finishing your meal and getting rid of it.

It might sound unsavoury, but this is an idea that has proven to work.

#5. Eat with your other hand

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You can try this as an experiment – if you use your right hand for eating then use the left hand, and vice-versa. It makes us mindful of how many bites and how much food we are actually eating, because using our other hand makes us pay conscious attention to our food.

Studies have shown that people eating with their other hand reduce their meal intake by 30%.

#6. Before dinner, eat a salad

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Make it a ritual to eat a bowl of salad before you dig into that beef steak and that lasagna or anything else that you eat. Think of the salad as what it is – an actual ritual that you have to go through in order to enjoy your delicious food.

In fact, you should eat the salad even before your appetizer or entree.

This will give you the needed nutritional boost, and will fill up your tummy so that you’ll eat less of the high-calorie food.

#7. Always eat as much as fiber as you can 

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Also know that if we have poor digestion, then our stomachs get lined with unreleased waste over time and it counts as excess weight and also makes the belly look bigger. If you eat a high dose of fiber, it cleans up the insides and gets rid of all that excess material that was stuck inside – reducing your weight, reducing bloating, and helping towards a flatter belly.

#8. Diuretics – the magic potions for a flat belly

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Our bodies often hoard up excess water inside, and it is mostly stored in your arms, feet, and belly. This excess water has no use except adding weight to the body.

To get rid of this excess water, incorporate diuretics into your diet. Start drinking lemon and start eating ginger, cucumber, asparagus, beets, parsley etc – all of which work to pull unnecessary water out of your body.

#9. Stay away from the salt shaker

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If you are fond of salty foods and like to sprinkle a gentle helping of salt over your salad or the steak, then it’s an unhealthy habit. Sodium from the salt actually makes the body bloat up by absorbing more water.

Replace the salt with healthy spices such as garlic powder, ground black pepper, and red chilli flakes – this will keep your food delicious while keeping you away from the salt.



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