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Easy Fail-Proof Ways To Shrink Your Clothes To The Perfect Size

We’ve all had those moments when we buy things a little oversized just because they’re beautiful. Or maybe you’ve shed a few pounds and your favorite dress now hangs on you. It ain’t easy to go the Marie Kondo way and discarding anything you seldom use. Especially when it is something that holds value. Well, there won’t be anymore wishful staring at clothes too big to wear anymore, ’cause you can now shrink them to the perfect size right at home.

Method 1 : Iron it out

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Turns out, applying heat to any fabric will eventually shrink it. Now what you must keep in mind is that not all fabrics shrink at the same rate. Some tightly woven fabrics like nylon, cotton, and polyester shrink faster than others. The reason behind this being the way they are tightly woven. The rate of shrinking depends on your favorite dress’ fabric. You can grab a steam iron press and iron away till your dress reaches the perfect size. Also, in case the cloth has embroidery or has delicate fabric, try turning it inside out before doing this. You can also use a thin cotton cloth over the dress while ironing it.

Method 2 : Boil ’em in hot water

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This is something that has happened quite a few times with me. When you leave your clothes in hot or boiling water for a while, the fabric tends to shrink. You can dry it out later o and decide if the dress has reached the perfect size. if you’d like to shrink it further, repeat the process. The ideal time your dress can soak up the heat is around 5 minutes. In case you have clothes that bleed colors it’s highly advisable you shrink them in individual batches to avoid any staining.

Method 3 : Shrink ’em in your washing machine

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An easier way to go about this is by shrinking your clothes in the washing machine. Choose the highest temperature on your washing machine to wash your batch of clothes. A neat substitute for boiling them one by one in a pot if you ask me. You can just leave your dress in the machine and let it take care of it. Shrinking clothes doesn’t necessarily need sweat and blood. the highest temperature setting on your washing machine will mimic the boiling hot conditions of method 1.

Method 4 : Shrinking clothes in a dryer

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To achieve a near perfect shrink on that dress, leave it in the dryer on high heat. That is after your machine is done rinsing them in hot water. Doing so will give your clothes a crisp and clean shrink. Keep in mind though, if your dress is made of delicate fabrics, perhaps tuning down the temperature in the dryer will be amicable. You don’t want them over shrining now do you, that’s why. Depending on the type of fabric you want to shrink, set the temperature. And that’s about it!. Shrinking clothes at home will never be hard anymore.

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