7 Best Self-Improvement Apps To Better Yourself

Nobody is perfect. Self-betterment is a never-ending journey where you constantly try to become a better version of yourself than you were a day before. The first step towards self-betterment is accepting your shortcomings and deciding to do something about it.

Next step: download the best self-improvement app and stick to it until you have reached your desired goal or outcome. You can change your true self, but taking little steps can really cause drastic positive changes in your life.

Best Self-Improvement Apps

If you are not a tech savvy person, you can read self-help books for personal growth and self-improvement.

1. Success Psychology

success psychology

If you are looking for the best self-improvement app, then Success Psychology will help you get on the path of self-betterment. Whenever you feel down or in doubt, this app will brim you with motivation quotes and tips to help you stay on track. Success Psychology can teach you a lot of things about financial strategy and differentiate between good and bad things.

Price: Free to download, but contains ads

2. Simple Habit Meditation

simple habit meditation

Meditation is crucial to mental health. Just a few minutes of meditation in a day can improve your brain performance and mental health drastically. If you are looking for something to keep you calm through the day when chaos enters your life, this is the best app for self-help. Self Habit Meditation will teach you methods of meditation and how to control, contain, and improve various aspects of your life.

Price: Free but contains ads

3. ThinkUp


What makes ThinkUp one of the best self-improvement apps is that it allows you to build your own self-improvement program with the help of tools and information you provide. Whenever life bogs you down, open this app because it will virtually hug you with positive affirmations and inspirations daily. This is one of the best apps for self-help as it helps you relax and motivate when the going gets tough.

Price: The base app is free. App purchase comes with enhanced features

4. Smarter Time

smarter time

Facing troubles with being productive? This self-help app an help you with your time management skills. Smarter Time provides you with tips and tricks to manage your time as perfectly as possible. If you have also been struggling with work-life balance, then it will help you with it too. The app comes with useful features like time log, analytics, goal settings, time control, sleep tracker, etc.

Price: The base app is free. App purchase comes with enhanced features

5. Happify


As the name indicates, the goal of this app is simple – to keep you happy. When the negativity and stress smother you, let this best self-improvement app be your escape. This app really works wonders for your mental well being. It is a great stress reliever and ensures to keep your dopamine levels high. For your betterment, this app will also give you a 20-page report from VIA Institute on your everyday progress.

Price: Free with additional in-app purchases

6. 7 Minutes Workout

7 minute workout

Self-improvement begins with working out. There is no doubt how good working out makes you feel good. It clears the mind and soul and replenishes you with plenty of energy. 7 Minutes Workout aims at encouraging you to exercise daily. Most of us are clueless about where to begin or don’t have enough time to workout. This app will help you with that and everything until you inculcate the habit of working out daily. You will feel improvement in your physical and mental state after a while.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

7. Make Me Better

make me btter

If you are looking for best self-improvement apps, then download Make Me Better. This app will provide you with useful tips, success stories, and self-help tips to turn you into a better and successful person. If you have any goals, Mke Me Better will help you keep on track. Learn much more about habit building, introspection, and lifestyle choices.

Price: Free with ads

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