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Your Ideal House According To Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your life? It not just predicts your future but also reveals what can make you thrive. Your home is one such important aspect. As seen in the Chinese zodiac system, one of the oldest systems for astrology, tremendous importance is placed on your surroundings and living conditions. This falls under Feng Shui, the path to happy living which is heavily derived from your respective zodiac sign. It is said that every type of sign thrives in a particular type of environment. Want to find out your type of home? Let’s dig in!


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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and people born under this sign love to be the absolute number 1 at everything they do. Aries is a fire sign and people born under this sign are adventurous, competitive, fiery and impulsive. As per their nature, a spacious penthouse or a mid-century modern home with a nice front yard would really suit all their needs.


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People born under this sign are practical, grounded, reliable and have an eye for aesthetics. Hence, a regal Victorian style house can be their perfect home. They are generally good with finances and persistent with their goals so getting a home like this for themselves won’t be that difficult.



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People born under this sign are intelligent, adaptable and can be dual in nature. Hence, a home which both modern in its decor but traditional in it’s built can be the perfect place to call home for them. A Mediterranean style home can be just that for Geminis.


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Those who are born under cancer zodiac sign are Traditional, sentimental and highly intuitive folks. Cancer folks would love a traditional but comfortable home like an English Cottage or a modern villa with a front yard.


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Folks born under Leo sign are natural leaders, magnanimous and royal. The perfect home for Leo would be a castle or a really big villa which resembles their castle.


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Virgo’s are known to love planning and organizing,detail-oriented, practical and efficient. A perfect type of home for video’s would be a modern house with simple functional furniture and well-organized closet.


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People born under this sign are balanced, modest and artistic. A mix of modern yet classic home would suit their need the best. A French Provincial home could fit the bill for you guys.



Scorpio’s are secretive, mysterious and moody individuals generally combined with a strong personality. A log cabin is the type of home you are looking for, You generally find this kind of homes in secluded private locations and that’s perfect for the scorpion needs.


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You are the adventurous sign of the zodiac signs. Generally they are very optimistic, travelling and adventurous kind. An RV would be the perfect home for the free spirit of the Sagittarius.


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Capricorns are generally hardworking, career-oriented and one of the most practical of the zodiac. They’d love a home with minimalist furniture and functional decor. City apartment is most suited to them



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These people are known to be independent, unconventional futuristic in their nature. Your dream home is an energy efficient smart home with lots of spacious rooms and solar panels.


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People with Pisces as their zodiac are the most artistic, imaginative, creative and bright in their nature. A beach house with a colorful decor would really suit their senses. Pisces folks love the ocean. And can really be in their element when they can walk on the beach.

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