How To Celebrate Father’s Day Based On Your Dad’s Personality

Father’s day is around the corner and now is the time you should be making plans for how to celebrate Father’s Day. After all, the old man put you through college and granted all your wishes. Normally, the best thing would be to give him your time. Spend some time together and make awesome memories as you guys used to do when you were a kid. If you want ideas for what to buy your dad for Father’s Day, scroll down below for some fun ideas. Thank me later!

How To Celebrate Father’s Day

Confused about what to buy for father’s day? Here are a few ideas segregated on the basis of different dad personalities. Which category does your dad fall in?

For a dad who is a foodie

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If you have a dad who loves to try a new cuisine, then it should not be a problem figuring out what to make for father’s day for him. You can either cook a delicious meal for him. Believe me, nothing would make him happier because Father’s Day is all about sentiments. Or you can take him out to his favorite restaurant or a fine dining place in your town. All he wants is a few moments with his kids and good food.

For a dad who likes to travel

Was your dad a nomad back in his carefree days of his youth but then he gave up everything because he had a family to look after to? What you should buy your dad for Father’s Day is a vacation. Plan a holiday and send him to a place he has always wanted to visit. He must have dropped hints if you were listening carefully. If you can’t plan a full-fledged vacation, then at least take him out for an outing. He would love a change of scenery.

For a dad who enjoys music

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When you know your dad has a good taste in music, the answer to the question ‘what to buy for Father’s Day becomes easy. Buy him a music streaming device where he can tune into all his favorite songs or make him a playlist of all the songs that he likes. What’s better? Take him to a concert or a music event of his liking. He would really cherish the special evening that you planned for him.

For a dad who likes to drink

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Say cheers to Father’s day by gifting him a bottle of his favorite whiskey or Scotch. For a dad whose happiest moment in the day is when he pours himself a fine drink, this makes a perfect git. If not his favorite liquor bottle, you can gift him a set of whiskey glasses or maybe a cocktail mixer set. What is even better is you fixing his favorite cocktail for him. Again, it is the gesture that counts.

For a dad who is great in the kitchen

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Does your dad like to cook? Yes? Great. Then it is sorted what to buy your dad for father’s day. Gift him kitchen equipment he would like to use when he is cooking in the kitchen. Think of what he doesn’t have in his kitchen or you could gift him an apron saying ‘World’s Best Dad’ or World’s Best Cook’ probably. You can customize what you want to get written on the apron. It is really a thoughtful gesture.

For a dad who is funny

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No matter how terribly funny his ‘Dad jokes’ are, he makes all that effort to make you laugh. Return the favor and take him to a stand-up comedy show where he can laugh out loud. There is no better gift than putting a smile or a giggle on your dad’s face. If you are wondering how to celebrate father’s day, this is a genius idea. Trust me!




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