6 Foods To Avoid When You Have A Cough Or Cold

Winter is not the only thing that’s coming, with winter there also comes a host of diseases — common cold, cough, fever, infections etc. Our immune system weakens during the colder season and we need to pay attention to what we are eating to make sure that the food that goes into our body is actually helpful for us. 

There are also some kinds of food which can mess up with your system in the season of winter, especially if you have a cold. We have compiled a list to guide you on what foods you should avoid so that you can recover quickly from the cold and cough.

#1. Dairy

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Avoid dairy at all cost during cough and cold, since dairy can increase mucus production. Which can further block your nose and create more irritation in your throat and ears.

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#2. Fruit juices

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Scientists have discovered that our immune system gets weakened by sugar intake. If you take 100 grams of sugar,, it decreases the white blood cells’ power to fight bacteria by 40%. Fruit juices have high sugar content that has the same negative effect on your immune system.

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#3. Fried food

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Fried snacks have a high content of artificial trans fat that can lead to inflammation, and weakening of immune system. So it is suggested that you avoid all fried and processed foods during cold and cough.

It’s better to have eggs instead, eggs are rich in protein and minerals which help your immune system. Try these 9 fast and easy egg recipes for a healthy breakfast.

#4. Fast food

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Most fast foods are too much fatty and they fill you up without granting any real nutrition. Fast foods also cause problems with your digestion which is the last thing you want when you are already down with cough and cold. Doctors recommend eating healthy and digestible meals when your immune system is weak.

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#5. Caffeine

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Caffeine actually dries out the cough and phlegm, preventing them from leaving your system. That can further cause problems with your breathing, considering that your throat is already congested and nose block doesn’t seem to go away.

In fact, caffeine is one of the 9 foods that you should avoid having on an empty stomach.

#6. Alcohol

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There is this conception among people that alcohol will keep your body warm during the cold season. But alcohol actually weakens your immune system, and it causes dehydration. You can probably take alcohol after a healthy and hearty meal, and when you have already been drinking plenty of water.

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  1. Thank you for the update on foods to avoid during cold season. I was also interested because I have two broken ribs under my left arm and will do anything to avoid coughing!!!!

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