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5 Common Myths About Metabolism Busted!

The one time we worry about our metabolism is when we are trying to lose weight. Why shouldn’t we when metabolism and weight loss are proportional to each other? The higher your metabolism is, the more calories you burn. You will have all sorts of discussions with your fitness-freak friends and trainer on metabolism. There are all kinds of metabolism facts out there but they ain’t all true. Here are a few common myths related to metabolism debunked for you by well-known nutritionists Amy Shapiro and Rachel Daniels.

Myth #1: Late night eating will slow down your metabolism.

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If it is pizza, then obviously, yes. However, it does not hold true for all food groups. The thing is that it’s not the timing but the food that is responsible for slowing down your metabolism. You cannot control midnight hankering, but you can control what you eat. As long as it is junk food, you are going to gain weight but if you make smart and healthy choices, you are safe!¬†

Myth #2: Eating less will help you lose weight

Umm, no! Starving yourself is not the answer. If it does something, it ruins your metabolism for sure. When you try to eat less, your body begins to store calories instead of losing them. If you do want to lose weight, eradicate carbs and add proteins and fiber-rich food to your diet. It will keep your stomach full for a long time.

Myth #3: Certain foods speed up your metabolism

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Well, there are scientific studies that indicate that some food items like green tea and hot peppers give a boost to your metabolism but the impact is little. This does not mean you should not include these foods into your diet. Don’t solely rely on them. However, there are certain foods like sugar that can decrease or hamper your metabolism¬†

Myth #4: Thin people have a better or faster metabolism

They wish, but it’s not actually true. On the contrary, overweight people have higher metabolism rates than lean people because their bodies burn more calories at rest due to their size. So yeah, the bigger the body, the more calories you burn. It all comes down to your muscle build-up. A person with more muscular build-up will have a higher metabolism.

Myth #5: You cannot change your metabolism since it’s genetic

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That’s not entirely true. Yes, your metabolism is genetic but your muscle mass also plays a vital role in your metabolism rate. Muscles burn more calories at rest. So, as long as you maintain your muscle mass, you can control your metabolism rate.




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