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4 Quick Dessert Recipes For Your Last Minute Sugar Cravings

Raise your hand if dessert is your favourite part of the meal. Same. And we know there are days when we don’t want to spend a whole day on an elaborate dessert. So we took it upon us to compile no-fuss desserts for times when you’re hit by that sudden, unstoppable sugar craving. We’ve made sure that the ingredients will be readily available in your nearby supermarket.

Ah, and if some of you are health freaks, the below recipes are also nutritious apart from being super scrumptious. These will take under 15 minutes to pull together, so go ahead and enjoy!



  • Vanilla cake
  • Fresh Fruits
  • prepared custard
  • Mixed Fruit Jam
  • Ice-Cream (Optional)

Cut vanilla cake into small pieces and arrange in wine glasses or any other. Sprinkle sugar syrup on it and add fresh fruits, cut into in small pieces. Pour custard and decorate with jam on the sides and cherries on the top.

Refrigerate the pudding for at least  an hour before serving.




  • Desiccated coconut (250 grams)
  • Condensed milk (200 ml)
  • Cardamon powder(1 tea spoon)

Roast desiccated coconut slightly and add condensed milk. Then sprinkle cardomen powder over it and make balls out of them. Roll these in coconut powder and they are ready to serve.




  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry nuts

Fruit cream can be simply prepared by adding fresh fruits in melted vanilla ice cream. Add dry nuts and refrigerate for a while, but do not freeze. Garnish with cherries and nuts, serve it cool.




  • Curd (500 ml)
  • Powdered sugar (half cup)
  • Saffron (1 tea spoon)
  • Cardomen powder (1 tea spoon)

Hang curd in a muslin cloth for about an hour. Once most water is drained, add powdered sugar, saffron and cardomon powder and beat the mixture. Refrigerate for a while and serve it after garnishing with nuts.

Do try all these and let us know the size of the smile on your families’ faces in the comments below!



Featured Image Credits: Best Dessert Recipes (youtube)



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