The Best 14 Memes on Trump’s Sharpie …and Every Other Way He Got Roasted

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First, Donald Trump claimed on twitter that Hurricane Dorian will hit Alabama – and when the NOAA map showed that it didn’t, he drew on the map with a sharpie to show that the Hurricane would indeed hit Alabama. Trevor Noah was impressed that “Trump can locate Alabama on a map.”

Needless to say, the gaffe quickly got out of hand and gave rise to countless sharpie memes all over the internet. We bring to you a list of some of the most hilarious memes:

#1. Trump’s Border Wall has been completed!

“I have built a great great wall. Fantastic. China’s great wall has got nothing on it. Haters will say it’s FAKE NEWS!”

#2. …and Mexico paid for it, here’s the proof:

#3. Biased media never told you the truth that Trump won the popular vote

#4. Photographic evidence that army took the airports in 1775

#5. ..and he never met Jeffrey Epstein

#6. Trump spends so much time golfing because he is very very good at it:

#7. “Women love me, I know how to make them smile”

#8. Well, Justin got “just-out” of the picture!

#9. I can confirm her smile is as real as Trump’s hair:

#10. This one from the archives that the biased media kept hidden from you for so long:

#11. “Darling, is the wind causing cancer today?”

#12. “Blessed coal of unicorns and butterflies, so much better than windmills”

#13. Oh, sweet home Alabama!

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The hurricane Dorian in Alabama looks really dangerous! Although if you want to know how a hurricane really looks from inside, check out this video that was recorded by an aircraft from inside the hurricane’s eye.

#14. Trump needs shades, because that was so much BURN!

Image Credit: Amazonaws

On the other hand, Seth Meyers was convinced!

On Late Night, Seth Meyers felt he was really convinced and wondered if Trump’s high school report card was legit.


Featured Image Courtesy: Amazonaws

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