Video: In Her Final Instagram Story, Kylie Rae Harris Reflects on Death Just Before Her Car Crashed

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Kylie Rae Harris’s last Instagram post holds a poignant reflection on life, death, and memories – just a few hours before she met an unfortunate car crash that took her life.

On her way to a music festival performance, country singer Kylie Rae Harris started to feel particularly emotional and posted a series of videos on Instagram – remembering some personal memories, loss of family and those who were closest to her.

In the video, she speaks with a broken voice and eyes full of tears:

Literally everybody that was here has passed away except for my uncle and including my dad. I’m going to cry. 


The journey and the roads reminded her of her childhood. She talked of her father in a fond remembrance, of the times she spent with him trekking through the mountains on the State Road 522. Upon seeing some cows, she said she remembers one time when her father had hit one of the cows here on the same roads.

I’ve been driving for almost 12 hours and you would think that’s so exhausting and boring but like, the last couple of hours driving through the mountains and remembering my place in the back seat as a little kid when my dad was making these treks here.

She was afraid of being stranded in the way

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She also posted on Instagram a picture of her gas meter with the caption: “Current Sitch: Iffy”, telling the fans that she was out of petrol. Soon afterwards she updated the fans that “We Good Now,” with a petrol pump emoji and a thumbs up.

Four hours later, she met a three-vehicle crash where the driver of another car, a 16-year old girl, also lost her life.

Kylie’s representative reported:

We are heartbroken to confirm that Kylie Rae Harris passed away in a car accident last night. We have no further details to share, and ask for privacy for her family at this time.

Kylie wished to be around for her daughter, twenty years from now:


In March 2019, Country singer Kylie Rae Harris released a song “Twenty Years From Now” as a tribute to her 6-year old daughter, Corbie. And she told Billboard she hoped to be around for twenty years:

It scared me thinking that it was totally possible I could be gone before my daughter reaches adulthood. I want to meet my kid’s kids. 

Here, you can listen to the song she wrote for her daughter:


Kylie has released an album titled All the Right Reasons, and two EPs named Taking It Back, and Kylie Rae Harris.



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