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Nicki Minaj Steps Down From Her Throne! Anaconda Rapper Suddenly Retires

Nicki Minaj just announced that she is quitting the rap world for good. The hit rapper took to her twitter page to make the retirement public.

In her statement, she sais that she was quitting the rap world to settle down and start a family of her own.

Speaking of marriage, the grammy-nominated rapper is currently dating someone called Kenneth Petty and has dropped massive hints that they will get married.

In fact, if you check out her username right now on twitter it’s Mrs.Petty

On another note, fans are intensely speculating that Nicki just does and over with the music industry of today. Minaj was never one to be silent about what she feels regarding the industry. In fact, not long ago, she made a public callout on of the big shots in music and said that he’s the reason she never won an award.

Why has she retired?

Folks are also saying that Nicki Minaj considers her work done in the rap world. The singer reigned as undisputed Queen for a decade and more until the likes of Cardi B stepped in.


60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
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While bitter water between the rivals was always hinted, Nicki Minaj seems to have found fulfillment in paving the way for other female artists to come and follow her footsteps.

As of now, post-Nicki, we have more female rappers, singing about sexual freedom and of independence and everything that is good. Which is something we ought to thank the Queen of Rap for?

What you don’t know

Turns out, this retirement was never an unplanned thing. Nicki Minaj has long hinted at her plans through her songs. In fact, in one of her songs she says, she will be taking her daughter to preschool within seven years. The Queen had it all planned out always it seems.


courtesy: USA Today


Speaking of prophecy come true, Nicki even penned down lyrics to one of her songs, where she says that she will step down with a crown. And boy oh boy has she not now?


With Nicki’s post on retirement, the whole world has gone berserk. Fans don’t seem to stop begging her to reverse her decision. While Minaj is grateful for all the love and support she’s getting at the moment. The rapper urged her fans to be positive and see this as a welcome change in her life.

In case you didn’t know

Nicki Minaj made her debut by releasing a string of mixtapes in the early 2000’where she also featured alongside Drake and Lil Wayne.


courtesy: The Sun


Minaj’s first album, Pink Friday was released in the year 2010. The star then went on to make a huge list of blockbuster tracks like Superbass, Starships, and Anaconda. Her albums sell in millions and she is safely one of the biggest female rappers alive today.

Minaj pens down her own lyrics and claims complete creative freedom in the making of her videos.

While Nicki herself is a brand on her own, she has a huge list of impressive collaborations as well. Ariana Grande, Usher, David Guetta, Madonna, and Justin Bieber to name a few.

Well, what can we say, all the best Nicki!

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  1. I don’t know how you’re going to refer to Nicki Minaj as the queen of rap did we not forget about the real queen and that’s queen Little Kim Little Kim is the one who broke females out to be bold be outspoken to say what they feel just my opinion but the queen all hell Little Kim if anything Nikki you’re welcome

  2. It’s about time rap has no musical significance

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