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Your Ultimate Guide To Selling Luxury Houses

Selling luxury houses is no luxury! You may require to pull out a few tricks from your hat to sell it in a timely fashion and at a desirable market price. Most people who own lavish condominiums have no clue about how to market luxury homes and end up making a lot of bad decisions.

If you too find selling luxury houses puzzling like a Rubik’s cube, here is your ultimate bible to sell your place in no time. Follow these helpful pointers and you can thank us later.

#1 Pricing should be right when you market luxury homes

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Have you priced your home right? Selling luxury houses can be a mammoth task if you have not priced your condominium well. A common mistake most people do is ask for the highest price in the market which may draw potential buyers away. A higher price also means that your home will set more on the market than a lower priced home.

To avoid making this mistake, you first need to do an in-depth comparative market analysis before you market luxury homes and then determine a competitive price. Take a tour around other luxury houses or call real estate brokers who are into this sector. Take into account the amenities your luxury home has while deciding upon the price as each factor counts.

#2 Quality photos are paramount for selling luxury houses

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People pay the price for what they see. It is as simple as that. When you list your place online, upload good quality photos and even videos of your places. There are a few photography tips and tricks that will make your place look bigger and better. Use a wide-angle lens, lighting should be proper, and highlight the amenities and exquisite location. Hire a professional photographer if you don’t have much experience with photography. If possible, give online buyers a virtual tour of your place too.

#3 Give emphasis on location and lifestyle

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What makes luxury homes a luxury is their location and lifestyle. If your luxury home comes with privileges like a clubhouse or sea-facing views, then making a mention of these things will lure prospective clients for you. A buyer is not only interested in the house but also the neighborhood it is located in. He would want to know who else lives in the area and inquire about the place from multiple sources. So, it is important you enlist all this information while selling luxury houses.

#4 Staging is important

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Sometimes sellers miss what is not apparent to the eyes. After all, not everyone has a good imagination. This is where staging plays a key role. It helps create a vision in the prospect’s mind about how great the place would look if he lived here and underline the amenities like outdoor BBQ, oversized dining area, or a pretty porch where he can spend their summer evenings. Staging may not sell the house, but it definitely expedites the process. Do not tend to overdo things with staging though.

#5 Patience is the key

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It is highly unlikely that you enlist your house on real estate today and it is sold the next day. Sometimes, it may take a while for the deal to go through. In fact, selling luxury houses takes longer than affordable ones. Even if you have a party interested in buying your house, you should give them some time to think since it is such a big decision to make.

#6 Timing is everything when selling luxury houses

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There is no point in putting your luxury home up for sale if the market is down as you will not get a desirable price. It is also not a wise move to sell your house when the conditions are not favorable like selling a house in the hills during winters or a sea-facing bungalow in the hurricane season.

#7 Is your marketing strategy effective?

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The way consumers buy everything has changed and it is no different for real estate. If you are not utilizing the internet for selling luxury homes, then you are missing out on a lot. Everyone is on social media these days and it is a great platform to get wider exposure. Plus, having a website these days is a must. Where else will a buyer find you when looking online? You can market luxury homes on real estate websites which deal in the same segment. Use Google advertising to expand your horizons instead of just posting and praying that it sells. Print advertising and direct mailing are also effective marketing tools.

Again, selling luxury homes is not a cakewalk. But if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you are in for success.



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