7 Obvious Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Infinitely Better

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who like to hop shopping stores and show off their shopping bags and, and others who like to shop in their PJs from their phone. Both love shopping and get an instant high of dopamine. Yet they are always found arguing about what is better online shopping or in-store purchasing.

I fall into the latter category. And, here are my reasons why online shopping is better than offline retail therapy.

Reason #1: You don’t have to go out


If you too are a lazy bum like me, then you would understand the ordeal of getting ready to go shopping. Why we find that online shopping is better because it is comfortable and convenient. You can order a million things right from your phone while you are in your bed. Plus, you don’t have to fight for the parking space. Things come to you delivered right at your doorstep. Need I say more?

Reason #2: Shop any time of the day

Shopping is therapy and therapy sessions should not be restricted to a particular time of the day. Should it be? Why online shopping is better because you can shop at any time of the day. Be it in the middle of the night or chained to your desk at your job, just open your favorite shopping website and add things to your cart.


Reason #3: You don’t have to bargain

While some people get a thrill in haggling for prices, there are some unlucky ones who suck at it. Online shopping came as a savior in their lives because now they don’t have to feel bad about not knowing how to bargain or regret about being ripped off. Online shopping is best because you get so many amazing deals and discount coupons. You can even set preferences according to your budget.

Reason #4 Dude, It’s home delivery!

Would you rather stand in line for billing or get your stuff delivered to you right at your doorstep? The latter is the reason why online shopping is better. Avoid long queues, small talk with the person at the billing counter, or being bugged by salespersons while you window-shop. Get anything delivered at any address you want. It is as simple and convenient as that.


Reason #5 Get honest reviews

Offline shopping does not have the benefit of providing you with honest reviews from the customers who have used the product before. All you have is the annoying sales pitch of shopkeepers who cajole you into buying stuff. But with online shopping, you can make your buying decision after reading the honest reviews from the customers. No pressure!

Reason #6 You have too many options

Think about this. Would you be able to browse 100 shirts at offline stores before you find the ‘perfect one’? No, right. This is why online shopping is better than offline shopping. You can look at hundreds of product before you finalize upon one since there is a worldwide range of products. There is also a possibility that it may not be available at your nearest store but it is available online.


Reason #7 Feeling of joy

Finally, that moment of utter bliss when your package arrives and you open it. Feels like Christmas every time, isn’t it? Oh, the smell of the corrugated sheet! And free bubble wrap. *Grin*

The above reasons make it clear that online shopping is best. No further arguments, please!




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