Secrets Your Nails Betray About Your Health

Doctors often can just have a look at your nails and know your health. Nails are not just an accumulation of our body’s dead cells, but rather important indicators that can show your current health. Remember those times your grandmother looked at a white strip on your nail and told you to eat more calcium-rich foods?



Well, turns out she was right. A lot can be understood about a person’s health with nails.

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There are times when you genuinely can do this and read someone’s health by their nails- Dr Dawn Harper

Medically, physical attributes such as the colour, shape , texture and strength of your nails ,tells about health. Here are some of the major signs nails betray when something is wrong with your health.

The Lunula


The lunula is basically the white base of your fingernail. Most people see this on their thumbs and toenails. It looks like a half moon and is usually white. However, if you find your lunula looking blue , red or yellow, they can indicate the presence of diabetes, cardiovascular problems and Lyme disease respectively. A bright white lunula on all fingers is an indication of good health and energy.

White Marks


This condition is called Terry’s nail. It usually happens when there is lack of blood circulation to your nail. Other possible causes include fungal infection too. Generally, a pale white nail is the sign of thyroid disorder, Iron deficiency or even malnutrition.

Yellow Nails


A common cause for yellow pigment in nails is fungal infection. However, they can also indicate more serious conditions like diabetes, lung disease and even psoriasis.

Brittle Nails


Brittle nails tell a lot about your health. Generally, brittle nails are observed in people with vitamin or iron deficiency. You can better your health in this case by intake of vitamin B supplements or biotin. Biotin promotes healthy nail , eye and hair.

Ridged nails


Seeing vertical ridges on your nail is fairly common. These surface with age and normal life style. However, if you see horizontal nail ridges and later on notice a coor change in your nail; it’s best to visit a physician. Horizontal ridges unlike vertical ridges are a sign for some underying health condition.

Lifted nail plate


When you notice your nail slightly dislodged from the nail palate, it could mean that there’s too much cleaning under the nail. Excessive cleaning under nails can cause them to become like this. If this is not the case, please consult your doctor.

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In the end, very much like skin and hair, nails tell about your health straightforwardly. You can see them as watchtowers for your health. A person who’s healthy will undoubtedly have good nails. Given that now you know the most common problems nails develop, keep an eye out for any signs and remedy them at the earliest. Your nails are your body’s way of letting you know about any issue at the earliest.

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  1. This is actually really interesting to read, especially since it sort of just rang true for me. I recently had some blood testing done – and I’ve had brittle nails for a while now, they crack so easy – and true blood test showed that I’m deferent deficient in Iron and Vitamin B12

  2. Thank you, yes I recall my mother and Grandma tell talks us yoo

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