How Do I Check The Health Of My Computer?

Is your PC giving you problems lately by crashing down time and again? If yes, then it is time to buy a new system, or maybe not. Before you come to any verdict, you should check your device’s health and test your PC for failing hardware. If you could resolve the issue, that will save you money because guess what? These gadgets don’t come cheap.

Signs That Your PC Will Be Crashing Soon

If your PC has been showing any of these symptoms, then it is getting closer to crashing down. So, keep an eye on these warning signs.

1. Listen to your hard drive

Is your hard drive making noise? If yes, then your laptop is on its way to crashing. Though modern laptops use SSD, traditional hard drives are made of mechanical parts which can wear down with time, and eventually stop working. Usually, the average life expectancy of traditional hard drives is from three to five years. If your hard drive starts to make noise, start keeping back up of everything before it crashes down.

2. Boot errors

The sure sign of your PC crashing is the recurrent boot errors. There can be all possible reasons for boot errors but they all point towards your system crashing. Messages like “Boot not found” can mean that your Windows is corrupted.

3. Software performance dropping down

If your system is needing more time than usual to process, then it is time to check your device health. The reason for your system’s crash is not always hardware, it could be because of software too. You system slowing down could also be because of you using heavy software which is more than your RAM can handle.

4. Hardware failure

If your computer is not working properly, then you should test your PC for failing hardware. It could be possible that two of the software might be using the same hardware at the same time causing the burden on your hardware. This is called hardware conflict and it might be responsible for making your computer unstable. If not treated, it can also lead to the crashing of your app.

How do I check the health of my computer?

It is easy to check your device’s health if you have Windows 10. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will get a report by the end of it which will give you a detail on your device’s performance.

  • Open start
  • Go to Window’s Security
  • Click on Device’s performance and health. You will find a summary of the current state of your device.

From software to battery life, storage to a device driver, you will get an analysis on each and everything after reading which you can uproot the cause of the problem. You can also use the performance monitor tool to create a detailed health report of your system.




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