Wondering why your skincare routine won’t work anymore? Here are 5 facts!

See it like this, you have got your AM & PM skincare routines set from a while now. You have experienced a flawless, blemish-free, acne-free and dewy skin. However you have suddenly started to experience more breakouts than before and you can’t really seem to figure out whether it is the hormonal change or any other underlying condition that is leading to redirected outcome. There are various reasons why this could be possibly happening:

Your Skincare Is Accustomed To Current Routine
The best of products and remedies can stop showing results if they get accustomed to your skin. This is exactly why most of the skin care experts suggest you to use your skincare regime religiously for a couple of weeks in order to get its maximum results. For real results, you want at least one-three months of religious use of products.
When you first start using AHAs, your skin will immediately look fresher and brighter and less pigmented because it forces a faster renewal of your skin. The dead skin layer called the stratum corneum [that the AHAs exfoliate] is thicker initially. As you keep using them, that layer gets to a thinner level, so you don’t get such a dramatic result because there is just less dead skin to remove. The skin likes to be stimulated in different ways, in fact that is what it is used to.
Thereby, keep changing your skincare routine every 3 to 5 months to stimulate better results.

Your Hormones Are A Mind On Their Own
Your hormones control your body and skin in ways you have not even known. Hence, when there is even a swift change in your lifestyle or hormone instigating routine, it results in immediate skin breakouts. Fluctuating hormone levels due to a variety of reasons can lead to changes in skin, such as increased sebum production, which could lead to developing skin congestion

The Weather
A proper skincare routine has a lot to do with suitable weather. During winter, humidity levels are low, and this can leave the skin vulnerable to developing dryness. On the contrary, harsh summers with extreme heat often lead to an increased production of sweat and sebum. As a result, heavier hydrators and creams that one may usually use in the winter may feel too heavy on the skin. As such, applying more breathable textures may be preferred, leaving a more comfortable feel of the product on the skin. Humidity is an extremely important factor that affects the skin and is important when it comes to choosing the right formulations.
This is typically the wardrobe analogy of your skin- you need to modify it according to the science.

You’re Not Layering Your Products Right
Using a right product is one thing, using it in the right direction is another. It is crucial to apply products in a certain order. This allows serums and lightweight formulas to be absorbed through the skin without struggling to go through thicker formulations.Taking it from cleansing, to toning and then moisturizing. No other order other than this is going to bring benefits and nourishment to your skin.

Your Skin Might Be Needing A Break
Dousing your skin in serums and acids might seem fun and effective, but sometimes your skin just needs to be left alone for a little bit. Do a skin fast—take a week or two off from your skincare — just cleanse, moisturise and use sunblock. Once you have built a routine of products that cover the basics, alterations, and swapping products based on the changing skin concerns is quite easy to do.