11 Wholesome News Stories from 2019 That You Probably Missed


While the negativity and dread is on the rise all over the world, fascism is rising everywhere and so is the revolution – these are hard times.

Sometimes we need a break from all this, and see that there is good in this world. And that is worth fighting for.

Here, we compiled 11 pieces of wholesome news stories from 2019 that will bring a smile to your face.

#1. Malawi female chief comes to power, annuls 1500 child marriages, sends all the girls to school

Malawi female cheif comes to power ends child marriage
Image Credit: Women Working

She also made the child marriage illegal, and promoted the education of girls. For those who don’t know, Malawi is a nation in South-East Africa, situated in North of South Africa and west of Madagascar.

#2. Tribe from Amazon and Ecuador won lawsuits against oil companies, protecting the forest from getting destroyed for corporate greed

Image Credit: VT.co

The indigenous Waorani community of Ecuador was able to protect 180,000 hectares of their land from getting drilled by oil companies.

#3. Ethiopia planted 353 million trees in just 12 hours, smashed world records

ethiopia world record trees 350 million trees
Image Credit: Complex

In July of 2019, Ethiopian people made the world record for planting highest number of trees in the least amount of time. The initiative was led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

#4. Second person to be completely cured of HIV

second person cured of HIV
Image Credit: Science

A man from London was completely cured of HIV, and declared to be free of the virus – after a stem cell transplant. Shows that the cure for HIV is possible, but more funding is needed in the area of stem cell research.

#5. Italian Metro where you can buy tickets using plastic bottles

rome plastic bottles for metro ticket
Image Credit: Phys.org

To encourage people for recycling, the metro service in Rome started the initiative of offering tickets to people who brought a plastic bottle for recycling.

#6. South Korea has discos for seniors where they can enjoy their sunset years

sout korea disco for seniors
Image Credit: ABC News

South Korea has been organizing daytime disco parties for seniors over the age of 65, to help them fight loneliness and dementia while offering them some hours for fun where they can relax and enjoy.

#7. Bus stops in Holland have green cover on the roof to offer shelter for bees

holland bus stop for bees
Image Credit: The Independent

In a beautiful initiative, the roofs of all the bus stops in Holland are covered in flowers and plants so that bees can take refuge there and also find some flower to take nectar from. This is commendable, considering the global population of bees is on decline and without bees there will be no germination, and without germination we won’t be able to grow any food.

#8. Women of Iceland finally get equal pay for doing the same work as men

iceland equal pay for women protest
Image Credit: Kvenrettindafelag

The whole statement sounds ridiculous but it is the sad reality of the world where women don’t get same payment for doing the same work as men. Women of Iceland have been protesting for a long while now, and finally the law was made to legally enforce the equal pay for all genders.

#9. Scientists developed a Mushroom that eats plastic, and you can eat it

plastic eating mushroom
Image Credit: Business Insider

This edible mushroom that feeds on plastic, can be highly useful in clearing landfills and consuming waste plastic that doesn’t get recycled.

#10. World is a greener place than it used to be 20 years ago, according to Satellite photos

world is a greener place
Image Credit: Dailyhunt

Gradual satellite studies throughout the last 20 years have shown that the green cover of Earth has increased, and now we are greener than we have been in last 20 years.

The reason why global warming is on the rise? Blame it on the industrial pollution that needs to be curbed.

#11. Global suicide rates dropped by 38% in last 25 years

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

1994 was the year when the suicide rate was at its peak, and now in 2019 it has dropped by almost 38% – saving about 4 million lives.

More people are getting aware about mental health, and seeking help and support.



Featured Image Courtesy: Science Magazine

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