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10 Realistic Resolutions For 2020 That You’ll Easily Achieve With Minimum Effort

realistic resolutions 2020

Those of you who have already given up and stopped making resolutions because you can never fulfill them – there is good news for you after all. There are some ultra-realistic and easily-achievable resolutions for you that you really need to take a look at.

Surveys have shown that 90% resolutions fail by January 19th, and only 8% of the people are able to keep their resolutions.

The key is in setting realistic resolutions that you can achieve with minimal effort.

Curious? Read on.

#1. Throw away your weighing machine to lose 1 kg instantly

Image Credit: Gazetadopovo

Those of you looking to lose or gain weight, just so that you could fit into the narrow zone of “ideal” body shape – throw away your weighing machines. Unless your weight is causing you any health problems, there is really no reason to worry about it. Accept yourself and let the society’s unrealistic expectations go to hell.

If you absolutely have to lose weight, then start with baby steps. Instead of focusing what not to eat, focus on what to eat – eat one course of salads and green vegetables, and don’t worry about the rest. Take stairs instead of the lift at least once in a day. Slowly you’ll start feeling better, and then you’d be motivated on your own to keep doing it.

#2. Reading books, what’s that?

Image Credit: Buyartforless

We buy piles of books or at least wish to buy, so that we could read them. We start a book or two, read a dozen pages then we are distracted by social media and lose interest in the book. Or we just don’t feel like making the effort to go through reading it fully.

You could make a simple goal of reading one book per month, and at a pace of just 10 pages per day you’d be able to finish an average paperback in a month. Try to make the habit of rating, reviewing and discussing the book after you have read it – it helps you make a good impression on people and it will actually motivate you to read books.

If you still can’t, that’s also okay. The age of books has passed, whether we like it or not. Just do what you like, there is no reason to feel bad or guilty about not reading books.

#3. Wanna get the social media out of you? 

Image Credit: Flickr

Ah, the Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and whatnot. It’s easy to get glued into action and drama and entertainment of the social media – because let’s accept it, the real life sucks. It’s either mundane and boring, or frightening and sad.

Try taking 5-10 minutes off of your smartphone to appreciate some small things – probably the blue of the sky, a golden sunset, a bird feeding itself, or the tree near you. Once you begin seeing the beauty of the outside world, it’s easier to pull out of social media.

But if you can’t, that’s also okay. We all do what we need to do in order to cope. Don’t beat yourself up over this.

#4. Eat veggies, dream of cake (Or vice-versa)

Image Credit: Dailymail

Like I said in #1, you don’t need to get rid of all the tasty things in life to be healthy. If you stop eating burgers and fries and pizza and cheesecake at once, and switch to a leafy diet – obviously you’ll hungry and sad and frustrated.

My advice? Don’t stop eating anything. Just add one course of fruit salads and vegetables to your diet, and go have that cake in evening. I tried this, and I slowly developed a taste for healthy food and I also stopped having cravings for junk food.

Even if you can’t stop eating junk food, that’s fine. Just keep eating fruits and vegetables too. This is what we call a truly balanced diet – half healthy plus half unhealthy food.

#5. Stairs are the enemy, stomp on them

Image Credit: The Tylt

Whoever said the thing about keeping your friends close but enemies closer was right. Elevator is your friend, stairs are the enemy.

Spend more time with the enemy, stomp on the enemy, climb up and down the enemy.

All I mean is that take the stairs instead of elevator at least once a day, like make it a fixed time such as you’d take the stairs after your lunch (or any other time) to go for a 5-minute break to do the thing I mentioned in #4.

Because we all could do it with a little more physical activity. Soon, the release of endorphins will make you want to do it more. Congratulations, you’re winning.

#6. See the world through the magic of internet

Image Credit: Giphy

See the world? Travel? With that empty wallet? Don’t feel bad about not having the money or time to travel. Because most people who travel are still self-centered as all they do is be focused on themselves, post their own pictures, just think about themselves.

Travelling is about experiencing different people and cultures and societies, and knowing that we are all the same despite having very different lives.

The world is beautiful and so are its people, and you can explore much of it by just using Google Earth and interacting with people from other countries on social media channels.

#7. Forget past mistakes, and make fresh ones

Image Credit: Tenor

We all make mistakes. It’s foolish to think that we’ll make no mistakes ever again in 2020. In fact, be sure that a lot of mistakes will be made by all of us.

What’s really important is that we are ready to forgive ourselves for those mistakes, and that we are ready to learn from them.

But most important thing, do not let other people’s opinions and criticism affect your self-esteem. You know your life better than anyone else, and no one else can judge you.

#8. Break the moneymaker


Image Credit: TamilCulture

Simple and plain truth is that most of us don’t have any money, while a very few people have a lot. It has also been said that there is no real middle class in existence, just poor people with jobs who are living in debt to pretend they are not poor.

We could always use more money, obviously. And we do try to save, but it’s not enough, is it?

We can not rise from poverty by individual effort because it’s literally not possible for a single poor person to win through a rigged system. Demand more pay and fair pay, demand the raising of minimum wage, and seriously – know where Capitalism stands.

#9. Expand your social circle?

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are thinking of expanding your social circle, but make sure you have people around you who are actually worthy of your friendship. People who are toxic, or pull you down, or make you feel bad about yourself – there really is no need to compromise just to get their friendship.

Let the toxic people go. It’s better to be alone than to be with people who damage your mental peace.

#10. Drink water

Image Credit: Medical News Today

Okay, this is a non-negotiable deal. I can’t believe this needs to be said to grown-ass adults, but drink the damn water. Drink up at least two more glasses of water than you do normally.

Water helps you fight depression, it makes your skin healthier, it removes harmful toxins and free-radicals from your body.

Maybe add some lemon or honey or chia seeds in it to make it interesting. Or just go on an impulse, grab a glass of water and chug it in a gulp – but do it.



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