VIDEO: Toddler’s Priceless Reaction to “Worst” Gift Ever By Her Dad Is Melting Hearts

For kids all over the world, getting Christmas gifts is the highlight of the year. But what would happen if a kid doesn’t get a good enough gift?

One dad tried to prank his toddler daughter with the “worst present ever”, and wanted to see how she would react. But her reaction to the gift surprised him as he didn’t expect it at all.

He gave her the “gift” wrapped in festive wrapping paper

The father of this adorable little toddler, goes by the name Lgnd on twitter, where he posted a video of his daughter Aria as she opened his present while sitting next to her mom.

She quickly unwrapped it, saw the banana which was the prank gift, and shrieked in delight.

Little Aria kept exclaiming “Banana!” multiple times as she gave the banana to her mom and asked her to open it.

Then she started eating it, and it was plain how much she loved the “worst” gift that was given to her by her dad.

Here, you can watch the video which has 26 million views by now


People found the little girl’s reaction adorable and heartwarming, as there were hundreds of thousands of comments and reactions to the video.

There were several comments such as: “The Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day.”

She’s soooo happy, this is the most heartfelt video I’ve ever seen. The purity of her little spirit. Thank you for sharing.

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Featured Image Courtesy: LGND on Twitter



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