What Is All The Hype About Blue Point Oysters?

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Who could have thought that us humans would develop a taste for something as slimy as oysters? Don’t go by its looks but in the world of seafood, oysters are equivalent to wine. It has different taste profiles and is rich in vitamins and nutrients! Not to mention that oysters are an aphrodisiac too. While there are a hundred different kinds of oysters, any oyster connoisseur from New York would know how special Blue Point oysters are.

Where are the Blue Point Oysters from?

Humans have been eating oysters for thousands of years. In fact, the origin of cultivation of oysters goes back to the Roman Empire. If we were to draw an oyster timeline, Blue point Oysters would be placed in the 1800s. 

It was the era when New Yorkers developed a craving of Blue Point oysters. These oysters were nothing different but cultivated in the village of Blue point in Long Island. Soon the seed spread across the whole Great South Bay and it became a popular Oysters brand so much so that in 1903, New York Legislature decreed: “No person shall sell or offer for sale, any oysters, or label or brand any packages containing oysters for shipment or sale under the name of blue point oysters, other than oysters which have been planted and cultivated at least three months in the waters of Great South Bay.”

Image Source: bluepoint-seafood.com

However, the cultivators in Connecticut defy this decree and sell their oysters by the same name. Once the branding of oysters established, the name Blue Point became a special mention on the menu of fine dining restaurants in Manhattan and elsewhere. Just like wine, the branding of oysters became necessary to specify the region in which they were cultivated.

Blue point oysters are known for their mild salinity and springy meat.  So, next time you are in New York, you should give these oysters a try and entertain your company with a little trivia about the oysters as you slurp ’em.



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