9 Tried & Tested Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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Has it ever happened to you that you buy an expensive bottle of your favorite perfume but it does not even last longer than a few hours? Even with selling the promise of smelling like a meadow all day, the fragrance evaporates into thin air.

There’s a joke how a guy’s scent will sustain even in the apocalypse but yours can’t even stay for a day. I think all women would agree unanimously. 

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Well, we girls will have yo wait till they develop a perfume that stays longer (which is highly unlikely because otherwise, the cosmetics industry would go into a loss), till then use these simple tricks to smell goody-goody all day.

1. Apply at your pulse points

If you do not want to reapply perfume in the day, then here is what you should do. Dab some perfume on your pulse points like wrists and neck and let your veins do the magic. The fragrance will travel across your body through your blood. Try this if you already haven’t.

2. Moisturize your skin

One of the easiest tricks to make your perfume stay longer is to moisturize your skin before you spray your favorite fragrance. Moisturizer helps soak the scent in your skin. You should not spritz perfume on dry skin anyway.

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3. Use right after the shower

After the shower is the right time to apply perfume is because your pores open right up that allows to soak up the scent. So, if you want your perfume to last longer, keep your perfume with other toiletries in your bathroom so that you remember to apply your fragrance right after the shower.

4. Before getting dressed

Most people make the mistake of applying perfume on their clothing rather on their skin because they do not know the science behind it. Perfume is activated by body heat and chemical reactions. So, when you apply it on your skin, it tends to last longer. This way, you also save your clothes from perfume stains.

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5. Distance matters

To achieve the best results, keep the perfume bottle six inches away from the area where you want to apply perfume. Don’t hold it right next to the skin where you want to spray perfume.

6. Choose strong base notes

If you want a perfume to last longer, then go for strong base notes like musk, vanilla, pine, and patchouli. People who have a strong body odor should definitely choose perfumes with any of these scents.

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7. Don’t rub your wrists together

You may have seen heroines doing it in the movies but it is not practical advice to rub your wrists right after you apply perfume. It will break up the perfume and your scent will fade quickly. It is better if you apply the perfume on pulse points on wrists.

8. Spray some on your hairbrush

You smell how the fragrance of your shampoo lasts for a couple of days in your hair. Why not spray a whiff in your hairbrush and comb it through your hair? Every time your hair moves, you will get a sweet whiff of your perfume.

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9. Layer your fragrance

The best way to make your fragrance last longer is to layer a couple of fragrances together. The key here is that you choose your body shampoo, perfume, body mist, and shampoo all of the same fragrance so there is a uniformity in your fragrance. Trust me you will small like a meadow all day long if you use good quality products. Most people make the mistake of mixing more than fragrances. Try to avoid it.

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