11 Bizarre Architecture Around The World That Prove Man Is A Genius

Architects are crazy, man! They turn strange and creative structures into reality that we could only manifest in our dreams. These architects must have taken their childhood LEGO games too seriously. Otherwise, how else would you explain these bizarre looking yet creative architectures around the world.

Most Creative Architecture Around The World

If nature can conjure ecstatic wonders, so can humans. These humongous concrete buildings and structures are just few of the examples that when it comes to design and innovation, sky is the limit for men.

#1 Barcode Building, Russia

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The architecture of the building should also clarify the identity and function of the building. You cannot miss the bright red color and bar code structures on this building in St. Petersburg.

#2 Blur Building, Switzerland

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Why would you want to blur a building? Is it because it’s ugly? No, silly because it’s cool. Located at the base of Lake Neuchatel, the architecture marvel sprays tiny drops of lake water from 31400 jets, creating a big blur bubble around it.

#3 Basket Building, USA

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Another building which is an example of functionality, Basket Building is definitely an attention grabber. There is an atrium inside the building which goes all the way to the glass ceiling. See the handles of the basket coming together over the roof through the glass ceiling.

#4 Piano House, China

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A pure mix of music and art, Piano House in An Hui Province is music to the… erm… yes. Here is a cool fact: the transparent violin in the building is actually the elevator.

#5 Cubic Houses, Netherlands

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These cubic houses in Rotterdam will puzzle you like a Rubik’s Cube. Built on a concept of  ‘living as an urban roof’, these fascinating houses are built over the metro station or public spaces to solve the problem of insufficient land space.

#7 Rotating Tower, Dubai

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You thought a rotating building could only be the manifestation of your dreams but to your surprise, it is soon going to be a reality in Dubai. The building will be constantly in motion, metamorphosing into different shapes and giving residents a new view every time.

#8 Banpo Bridge, South Korea

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Is it a bridge? Is it a fountain? It is both. A first of its kind, the 1,140 m Banpo Bridge is in Seoul. The magnificent bridge squirts out 190 tons of water per minute from nearly 10,000 LED nozzles. It has even made it to Guinness Book of World Records.

#9 Church Of Iceland

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Whether you are religious or not, the reason why you should be visiting this church in Reykjavik because it is an architecture of superlative. Not only is it the largest church in the country, but also the sixth largest architecture in the world.

#10 CyberTecture Egg Building, India

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Don’t worry it’s not a dragon egg although it sure looks like one. The awe-inspiring building combines iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems. What’s interesting that the bathrooms of this building monitor the health of its workers by measuring blood pressure and weight.

#11 Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Pattaya

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Believe it or not, the architecture of the museum will make your jaw drop even before you enter inside where you will discover unbelievable wonders of the world.

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