9 Healthy Food Items To Ensure The Best Food Diet For Children

Kids grow fast and they need to be fed right for the proper development of their mental and motor skills. Childhood is the foundation of your kid’s adulthood. Whatever habits your kid sets in his or her childhood, stay on in his adulthood. Same goes for a healthy diet. Whatever you feed your kids right now will have its consequences in the development of your children. This is why the importance of good nutrition for kids cannot be ignored. Healthy eating habits in children put them off from the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart diseases, etc.

The Best Nutrition Diet For Children

The best nutrition diet for children contains all the major food groups to replenish your kid’s body with essential nutrients. Protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients are required for full-fledged development of your kid’s body. How do you ensure your kid is fed with all these necessary nutrients? Include these healthy food items in your kid’s diet in such an interesting way that your kids won’t be able to refuse those healthy recipes.

#1 Peanut Butter

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The best nutrition diet for children that will give them instant energy and loads of protein is peanut butter. The best thing about tasty PB is that it is rich in monounsaturated fats, the right kind of fat needed by your kids. On top of it, peanut butter is so versatile. You can use it as a spread on sandwiches and waffles, or even drizzle it on ice cream.

#2 Berries

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Vitamin C plays a vital role in the health of a growing kid. It protects your child from immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases. There could not be a better source of Vitamin C than strawberries and blueberries. Kids love strawberries and t is easy peasy to include them in their diet. Apart from being rich in Vitamin C, berries are also a great source of antioxidants and phytochemicals.

#3 Broccoli

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Your kid may make a loathing expression but every parent knows how healthy broccoli for a growing kid is. It helps in the development of eyes and controls cell damage. It is great for your child’s gut too since it helps in digestion and avoid constipation. To make things interesting with broccoli, you can either serve the florets with cheese sauce or grate it along with other vegetables and use it in a sandwich.

#4 Fish

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The best nutrition diet for children hand down is the one that contains fish. What doesn’t it do? Packed with protein, it helps in the formation of muscles and bones. Fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acid supports eye, brain,and nerve development of a child.

#5 Whole grains

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As much as your kids hate whole grains, they are a rich source of fibre that keeps their digestive health on track. To make your kids get used to the taste, you can feed them whole grain cereals or biscuits. Mixing them with refined grains is also one of the options.

#6 Cheese

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Which kid says no to cheese? They shouldn’t because cheese is filled with protein, calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorous, all of which are important for bone development.  Serve them in slices, cubes, or spread, your children are going to love cheese in any and every form.’

#7 Cow’s Milk

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Another great source of phosphorus and calcium is cow’s milk which is required by your kids for healthy bones and muscle. Blend it in smoothies or use of cereals in breakfast. You can serve your kids full fat, low fat or skimmed varieties as per your wish.

#8 Eggs

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Choline is an essential nutrient required by your children for their brain’s development. Guess which is the richest source of choline. It’s eggs and you can cook them in any form your children like; boiled, scrambled, or fried.

#9 Brightly Colored Vegetables

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Vitamin A responsible for good vision and repair of body tissues. But where you get Vitamin A from? Brightly colored fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, papaya, and sweet potato are rich in beta carotene and carotenoids which gets converted into Vitamin A in our bodies. You can cut veggies into sticks and serve them with hummus or cheese dip. Blend fruits into rich smoothies.

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