What Are Relationship Timelines, Should You Follow One?

It’s a competitive world out there. Each wanting to out-do the other. This is especially true for relationships nowadays. Every new love connection suffers at the hands of social stigma. That is, the world’s standard opinion of how a perfect relationship must progress and look like on a timeline.

That leads us to the main question, relationship timelines. Well, a basic relationship timeline, shows the transition of your relationship over the years or months you both have been together. And like all things in society, relationship timelines too, have one particularly loved and accepted model.

The struggle for acceptance

Conforming to a timeline of any sort to feel cool, accepted and good about yourself, betrays a large scale problem we face today as people. Relationships come in many shapes and sizes.

The variety is such that no two people are loved the same way ever. Each person is unique and so is each relationship. Hence, standardizing what a perfect relationship must follow is insanity.

The General Relationship Timeline

This is just a standard-average of all the timelines in the world and can vary greatly from one to another. Moving on to what an average relationship timeline looks like today.

#1 The First Date

That magical moment where you met this person. Awkward kiss attempts, being too nice and what not.

#2 A few more dates

Post the awkwardness of the first date, you both now want to know each other more. Frequent movie nights, dinner dates and long drives.

#3 First kiss

The first time you truly feel attracted and in love. That magical moment when y’all knew this is it.

#4 Meeting each others friends

Now that things have escalated for you two, what’s better than introducing each other to the friends circle.

#5 Exclusively dating each other

After your special person passes your friends approval test, somewhere in your mind it seems safe now to know you’ve made the right decision.

#6 Sex

Now this can land anywhere on this list. Some even prefer to start out their relationship with sex. Some prefer this after getting hitched.

#7 Taking trips together

Now that you are officially together, it’s about time to make new memories. After all, what better time to have fun together than right now.

#8 Meeting each other’s family

Given all goes well, the next move will be introducing your significant other to the fam. The last stage of approval and acceptance.

#9 Moving in with each other

You may move in together to see if you can work things out as a couple.

#10 Getting Engaged

Two to three years of living together happily ends in an engagement down the line for many.

#11 Marriage

The most obvious step, the love birds are now married and ready to settle down.

#12 Kids

Enough said.

#13 Parenting

The mad-mad days of parenting begin.

#14 Children leave the nest

The kids are all grown up and leave home to find their own paths.

#15 Rediscovering each other

Post 18-26 years of non-stop parenting, you may notice your partner and not even recognize them.It’s a stage where you fall in love with them al over again.

#16 Retirement days

The happy growing old together phase. Awww 🙂




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