This Soul-Stirring Artwork Of Drowning Sky Is Scary AF

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There is a saying ‘Art should calm the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’. Something similar happened with Jurgen Novotny when he decided to pursue his fear and turn them into brilliant artwork. 

What exactly was his fear? Drowning sky.

Since his childhood, Jurgen had the disturbing visions of tsunamis and huge waves destroying his dreamscapes. We all have had recurring events or patterns hijacking our dreams in the sleep. Some of us forget when we wake up in the morning while few of us remember our dreams vividly even the next day and after. 

For a long time, Jurgen couldn’t sleep because of his visions of drowning sky that led him to insomnia. This is when he decided to cure his condition with therapy. Already a pro in photography and photoshop, Jurgen drew inspiration from his uncomfortable drowning visions and decided to reflect them in his work. He took black and white photos of his journeys around the world and put drowning sky basis of his photos. 

The resultant is surreal. When you look at his photos, they almost seem real yet uncanny. He has featured his Drowning Sky photography exhibitions at various places where he was applauded for his work and even received accolades for it. What is surprising and reassuring though is that his visions have stopped occurring in his dreams. Bizarre, isn’t it?

They also say everything happens for a reason. Maybe that’s why those visions occurred in the first place, to inspire him to create soul-stirring artwork. Take a look.

#1 Look Upwards

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#2 No Time To Leave

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#3 Last Home

Image Source:

#4 Time Has Come

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#5 Houston Falling

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#6 The Falling Sky

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#7 Arizona Dawn

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#8 The Relic II

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#9 The Relic I

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#10 Low Tide II

Image Source:

#11 Apocalypse 

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#12 Low Tide I

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Surreal, isn’t it?


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