These Hypnotic Room Installations Will Mess With Your Brain – Bigtime!

If you want to hypnotize your crush so that they fall in love with you, then you should bring them to the surreal exhibition of hypnotic art installations shown in this article. Walking into these rooms will definitely put you in a trance which you would otherwise have from the things that aren’t generally accepted. A brainchild of the renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler, these hypnotic art installations are worthy of anyone’s attention. If you think the walls are waving at you, it is all Peter’s artwork that’s messing with your brain. These art installations may just be 2D but they do have the ability to put you in an enhanced state of wonder and daze.

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With an experience of more than 30 years, Kogler is considered to be the master of art installation and illusion. It’s interesting how he has managed to create surreal spaces by imposing black on white for maximum impact and influence. One can see how brilliantly he has used forgotten spaces like a staircase, entrance halls, and corridors that would often be disregarded by the most. His work has always been a marriage of art and technology. It is amusing to see how he has pushed the limits of technological advancement and his artwork. Take a look.


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Are you already feeling hypnotized? Imagine yourself walking around these walls. This will surely be some dope experience.


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