Hacks To Get Hotel Rooms At Giveaway Prices You Wish Someone Told You Sooner!

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“If traveling was free, you would never see me here.” Sadly, it’s not so, and you are stuck in the real world. Some of us are not born with a fortune and can afford luxury travel every now and then. But if you’re not really one of those (like me) and are always on a lookout for hacks and ways to get the best vacation and also save money (like me again), then you have come to the right place. Flights and hotels are the two most expensive things in your vacation planning. Up to 80% of your budget goes into booking flights and hotels and both of these things cannot be neglected.

Hotel Booking Hacks

If you already know flight hacks, then you should also take note of these hotel booking hacks that may help you save a few bucks on your next vacation.

1. Sunday is funday

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If you want to save on your accommodation budget, you should consider checking on a Sunday. This day is the least expensive day in the week when you get a better room for a cheaper price. So, if you are planning a long vacation, make sure your check-in date falls on a Sunday. It may not be an ideal day to start your vacation but it will save you a few bucks. Analysts have found that checking in on Sunday can save you up to 19%, as compared to checking-in mid-week. So, there you go.

2. Get in touch with the hotel

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Just like flight prices, the rates of hotel rooms are also dynamic if you are booking online. You will see one price quoted on one website and different on another. Also, if you keep checking the hotel prices daily, they will go up. If you want a cheaper deal on a hotel room, then you should directly get in touch with the hotel. Call at the reception if you can get a more affordable deal than the one you are already getting online. You can also enquire about their package rates, membership fees, and pre-purchased inventory to get the best room for yourselves. 

3. Check websites for last-minute deals

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If spontaneity is your thing and you make plans in the last-minute, then getting a hotel room at a cheaper rate might come as a challenge. It does not mean that it’s impossible. Some websites like Priceline offers you express deals that can save you up to 60% on last minute on the hotel deals. HotelTonight is an app that helps you book last-minute hotel rooms at an amazing price. Though it will not guarantee the room of your choice. So, if you are okay with that, you may try. 

4. Get cancelled reservations 

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Ever heard about Roomer or Cancelon? If not, you must because this is another chance to save huge on your hotel room. There is nothing more hurtful than booking a non-refundable hotel room and, then canceling it later because something came up. Thankfully, for such people, there exist such websites where they can list non-refundable hotel reservations at a discounted price to the buyers on a lookout for cheaper hotel room deals. Kind of a thrift shop for hotel rooms, isn’t it? So, it is a win-win for both parties.

5. Check-in late

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Checking-in late at a hotel might turn in your favor. How? When all the bookings are made, the hotel checks for all the vacancies and offer those rooms at a cheaper price. So, if you check-in late, save all the hassle of booking in advance and instead, check-in late. This could be your golden ticket to enjoy an amazing room at a cheaper price.

So, next time you plan a vacation, you should really put these hacks to test and enjoy an amazing stay in the hotel of your choice at a cheaper price. Talk about cheap thrills!


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