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The Most Hillarious Hollywood Cliches Ever!

This is going to be a good laugh. Honestly, before we start, let’s take a moment of silence for all the times Hollywood tried to create a real-life scenario. (Just kidding) Well anyways, if you’ve never heard of movie cliches, this is going to be a great ride. If you’re aware of this already, it’s still going to make you laugh. Sorry, Hollywood…It can’t be helped !.

1. How To Heal A Shrapnel Wound?, With Gunpowder of course!

2. If the main character is half-witted, fat and dirty chances are he’ll be lucky till the end of the movie.


3. Breaking glass, doors, walls and flying planes and using machine guns for the first time, is a piece of cake.


4. Every villain has a standard evil giggle, oh and a standard posionous pet. (The pet can be human sometimes too). Oh they also love seeing the main lead writhe in pain before killing them.A good 60 seconds of evil giggling for sure.


5.The main character waits a full minute when given the oppurtunity to kill the villain, just in time for a sequel


6. Female villains are easy to identify. See that totally smokin’ hot lady with red lipstick slowly walking around with a cigarette? yep, that’s her. Even more so if she’s a flirt.

Courtesy: US weekly

7. Stab wounds don’t matter to the male lead, he’ll keep comin’ at ya no matter how much ya stab him.

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8. All women scream, swimming in a pool of blood, cussing, struggling to breathe, and writhing in pain while giving birth.

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9. Mirrors are a bad place to be in front of, in a horror movie.

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10. Anyone who uses the bathroom in a thriller , dies.

11. A man walks into an abandoned haunted house, in the middle of the woods, at midnight. Hears sneaky footsteps with something shattering and asks ‘Hello! anyone there?’

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12.When in a rom-com, airports are at your dismissal, you can get on a plane without a ticket, all you gotta do is be in love!

Courtesy : Pinterest

13. You see that pristine glass wall behind the actor? Don’t get too attached ‘coz that was made for breaking.

14. Asians are good at Math, eat spicy food, are conservative as hell, have all their grannies living with them and are born with martial arts talent. (like lol)

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15. Looking at your lovers photo before war is certain death.

Courtesy: Tristar pictures

16. If they’re stuck in the desert with a flat tire and no network, there will be blood.

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17. When you’re beside an abandoned lake, the first couple to have sex dies while doing it.

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18. All security camera’s film streets in full HD, you can zoom into a crowd of 1000 and find the person you’re looking for.

Courtesy : Fraser Institue

19. Aliens speak fluent English, so do demons, so do Gods and Goddesses, so do Titans.

20. Last but not least, be it an alien invasion, zombie breakout, an evil spirit haunting or space odyssey to save the world; it all begins in the USA. God Bless America!

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Take care y’all!

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