These 25 Valentine’s Day Posts From Twitter Will Crack You Up Like Crazy

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. While most may have had an amazing valentines, some definitely seem to feel otherwise. And what better way to deal with gloominess apart from humour? Here is a collection of extremely hilarious twitter posts that came around Valentine’s Day this year.


Don’t believe them when they say I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. What they are really saying is, ’Buy me a card or I will kill you’. Interesting note…


Speaking of being cynical, this twitter user takes the crown. And they do it in style. Worthy mention, still trying to relate the statement on California to the rest of the poem.


With all due respect to late American president, John.F.Kennedy; it’s such a ‘sorry, I’m really trying my best not to smile’ situation.



If your boyfriend seems busy on Valentine’s Day, you better get a reality check. *whispers* Because probably you’re the side-chick.!!



For the ones who get this, hat’s off!


What is Valentine’s Day without a bit of cringe eh?. This user sure knows how to deliver cringe, 110%.


Singles on Valentine’s Day, enough said.


This company knows how to work their employees 😉


Ah! the traditional gold-digger Valentine’s Day meme. Enjoy!


Some more cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day meme’s because, why not!? This woman should definitely become famous and start her franchise in cringe-cards. She’s got the talent for this.


Some harsh truths laid out here eh? (Jk) doesn’t apply to everybody again.


We decided there should be some sweetness in the list now. These classic literature quotes deliver heavily on the sweetness factor. You can smile now!


The man wants to upload three different females’ pictures on his whatsapp status while making sure none of them see any of the other women. Well, good luck with that …


Just some more notable cringe-worthy Valentine’s memes.


A proper Valentine’s Day meme, finally.


Noted. For the next Thanksgiving dinner around the corner.



When even Snapchat doesn’t message you, something is really wrong.


If you think I’m gonna bring a whole cake to school on Valentine’s Day, and eat it all by myself. Then you are right #ValentinesDayMemes. That’s what he said.


Reaction to when your guy tells you you’re the only one he talks to. Interesting…


Rightly so!


We’re wondering how true this is for you ladies.



Valentine’s Day memes are just incomplete without cats. So, here’s one for you.


For all those sapiosexual folks out there. We see ya!


Very interesting, the things that people sell nowadays. Sculpt your own boyfriend?…wow!



All said and done, Valentine’s Day is all about love. Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. So go ahead and show the people you love how much they mean to you! Life is short and is a game, the best way to live it is, being lighthearted and with a lot of humour! Take care pretty peeps.

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