These 10 Crazy Videos With The Most Unexpected Endings Will Blow Your Mind!

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The world is a weird place. A funny, crazy and weird place. We humans just don’t stop ceasing to shock each other. From videos “that cannot be named” that went viral to footage of people throwing puppies into a river!

Seriously, why are we so weird? You can only wonder.

So if you’re a psychologist looking to understand the madness all of us are born with or just another human being wanting a reality check, welcome to the best list of weird videos on the internet.

#1 The Gator Exterminator

While most of us would shriek at the sight of a gator, this guy is otherwise. I mean, just imagine, a cold blooded predator with enough force in its jaws to crush your crush for dinner. Not to forget the fact that gators are actually pretty fast on land too when they want to. This guy however lifts it up like a cockroah and throws it back where it belongs. Like seriously WTF.


#2 Super realistic giant head

You’ve gotta watch this one live to knwo why it feels so weird.


#3 How to flirt with death

Honestly, he could have just used the spark from the lighter to do this , but ni, this man wants to flirt with death.


#4 Hungry Kids are scary

Ever seen a hungry kid?, if you haven’t this is your cue. This kid is just so hungry that she didn’t mind eating pegion food. Like literally, she just grabs the poor creature and plucks out the food she wants to it. If I was her mom I would give her something to eat ASAP before she eats me.


#5 You may want to check your toilet before you sit on it

Well, toilets are the best places to be in , literally. It is a place of comfort and relief and what not. But just imagine what could happen to you while you do your business if this was the case. OUCH!


#6 The true WTF

Ever seen someon snort up a pill and squeeezeit out of their tear duct?. If you think that is weird, just wait for the guy beside her to pop his eyes out.


#7 A horror story

What do you do when you give your car a decent car wash?. You enjoy the ride, a clean car, smeeling fresh and nice and  of course foaming at every orifice available.


#8 Pedals? Who cares?!

Watch this crazy cyclist overtake scooters and professional cyclicsts using his sheer weight. Again, Kids; please don’t try this at home or even worse, on road!.


#9 Liquor dispenser in your car? Why not?

WHo can say no to this tho. Like look at him go. He opens his car hood and fills up the liquor cabinet and walaa! You got liquor on the run. But think abotu it,what is the use of a liquor cabinet when you got no soda or ice cabinet bruh.


#10 When your dog fishes better than you



Featured image courtesy: Boing Boing

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