How To Handle A Crush On Your Co-Worker Like A Boss!

We’ve all been here, man or woman. Sometime down the time line we fall for people. It starts of slowly and then rushes in all at once and we’re left wondering how  we ever got here. The place where you feel like you’ll faint when you see them, or when words don’t come out of your mouth while talking to them.

Yes, we’re talking about crushes today. And even more so, workplace crushes. While having a crush is pretty put of control on its own, having a major crush on someone at your workplace is even more terrifying, especially is your office has a strict no love affairs policy.

So how do you deal with a mega crush at your workplace? Just follow these simple steps.

#1 Admit how you feel

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When you don’t accept your feelings, it gets mighty difficult to handle them when your crush walks in. You can expect butterflies, nervous breakdowns and what not. But when you work through your feelings and make peace with them, you’re much better equipped to handle them too.

#2 Confide in a trustworthy source

While having a crush is great, it’s pretty horrible when you have to keep it to yourself. Think of it like trying to hide a spring of water. The more you push it down, the more it pushes against you and gets noticed. This is easy, try and confide in someone you know is trustworthy. It can be another co-worker too! This way you’ll feel better supported and stronger, plus your co-worker may even help you with keeping your crush under wraps.

#3 Take action

Now if you’re one of the few who work in a pro-love workplace, then you can stop worrying about your co-worker finding out you like them. Or, let’s say you actually do want to take them out. The best way to go about this is by first accepting your feelings and them working through fear of rejection. When you do this, it gets easier to express your feelings to them.

#4 What to do if they don’t like you back

Well, isn’t this the age old story of one sided love. It’s normal. Happens to everyone! While I can understand how much it must hurt and how weird it can feel that they know you like them when they don’t like you back, remember; an honest person is always respected and hopefully your crush turns out to be a mature adult who respects your vulnerability. And if they’re not, more for you to laugh at with your bff on a night-out. Just laugh it off, we’re all blind some times when it comes to love.

At the end of the day, experiencing a crush is like no other feeling in the world and is best savoured without the stress. When you do this, you’ll actually be handling your mega work crush like a total boss.

Confidence is sexy, and these are some cool proof ways to make sure you have a strong footing in dealing with a crush at your office.



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