The Greatest Books Of All Time That You Must Not Miss Out

I know most of us don’t read. But then they also say that if a person gets the right book they won’t be able to keep it down. Here we are going to try to list some books that might be that fabled book you can’t keep down.

Fantasy : Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

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If you like dragons, magic wands, old bearded sorcerers and witches flying on broom sticks. Well this is a perfect find. It is one of the best books and am sure most of you must’ve heard about the famous movies. But I urge you folks to pick one of the books and have a read preferably the first one. Believe me this is one of the best page turner.

Self Help : Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.kiyosaki

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We all as people are interested in making money but a lot of times it isn’t clear how to achieve this important goal in our lives. This book will help you make a practical plan to achieve your dreams.This is a must read book for all the folks out there who are have financial issues in their life or for some one who never wants to have financial issues. This book will truely change your mindset about money and lead you to achieve the fabled financial freedom we all crave in our lives.

If you are some looking an Adventure story :

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Forrest Gump is the perfect find. The movie version is considerably pale in front of the fantastical adventures that the main character goes through in the novel. From living on an island with cannibals to flying into outer space with a monkey and saving the president of China. This book has it all.

Motivation : Mastery by Robert Greene

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This is a unique book of it’s kind. If you are confused with life and you don’t know what to do in your life and you are simply not motivated  then this book is for you. This book will help you find your passion and also help you master it. As to achieve success in any field you do need some level of mastery.It’s rare to not find a person without passion but a lot of times we are passionate about things and we start doing it but we don’t see any results and you lose motivation. This book will teach you exactly why how to avoid losing motivation.

If you are looking for a beautiful love story :


Loneliness on the net by Janusz Wi?niewski, is the book for you. A best seller which sold over 300 000 copies and has been translated in many languages is a recent love story of the present times. A must read if you like romance, drama, and love.


In the end, a great book is one that helps better your life in some way. It can be even a recipe book!. The genre or category is irrelevant in the case of finding true value through reading. All in all, I can promise you one thing, if you want to start reading somewhere, start with this list. These books will keep you hooked to reading for a long time.

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