Talented Painter From Sydney Brings Ocean Onto The Canvas

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There is something calming and unnerving about looking at the ocean and enjoying the sound of the waves. A similar effect is observed when you gaze at Vanessa Mae’s paintings. Some people may even find looking at her paintings therapeutic. Isn’t that the objective of art? To calm the chaotic minds. The essence of tranquility and sublime beauty of the ocean is clearly evident in her recent artwork.

The Sydney-based artist took her inspiration from the ocean, particularly the waves. She says it’s her favorite subject. How meticulously she has layered one wave over the other with use of acrylic paints of blue, green, and white is more than commendable. Her paintings are a combination of abstract, realism, and impressionism.

The paintings are so damn real that you forget for a few moments that you are not around the ocean. You cannot differ between her paintings and how the ocean actually looks like. If her paintings don’t make your hear the waves crashing on the shore, then you are not paying attention.

Have a look at her amazing work.

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All Images Source: awesomeinventions.com

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