Why Do Some People Sweat More Than Others? 5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Sweating

Do you start sweating bullets as soon as you step out in the sun or even do a little workout? Sometimes even a brisk walk to work can drench your shirt in sweat and your socks get soggy?

Or perhaps it’s the opposite, like you know someone who sweats by buckets while you are cool as cucumbers even in hot weather.

There’s a scientific reason why some people sweat more than others, and there are also many ways to prevent excessive sweating. Read on to find out:

Men sweat more than women

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Your gender pays a significant role in how much you sweat – men tend to sweat more than women, almost always. It’s because the higher level of estrogen in women keeps the body temperature lower and prevents sweating. On the other hand, higher level of testosterone causes perspiration in men.

Your body weight determines how much you sweat

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People with higher fat content in their body sweat more since fat keeps heat in body and even produced heat when needed. Your body’s core temperature will rise much faster and higher if you have higher body fat.

Fit people sweat sooner and in a better way

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Fit and athletic people sweat sooner and quicker because the active body has adapted to release heat as soon as possible. As you keep working out, in a few days your body learns to sweat even quicker and sooner in order to cool your body efficiently so that you can exercise for longer periods.

Here’s how you can control your sweating

Drink more water

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While it might seem counter-intuitive to some people, drinking more water regularly keeps your body cool and reduces sweating. On the other hand, if you go several hours without water and then drink a bottle suddenly – you’ll sweat a lot because your body is already heated up and it releases the heat as soon as water gets inside you.

Wear light and breathable clothes

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Light clothes absorb less heat from the air and sunlight, while breathable fabrics allow for better circulation of air that keeps your body cool.

Avoid caffeine and spicy foods

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Caffeine and spicy foods also increase your body temperature drastically, and should be avoided hence.

Use antiperspirants with deodorants

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Antiperspirants prevent sweating and when you combine them with deodorants, your deodorant lasts for much longer and masks the sweat even after the effect of antiperspirant wears off.

Botox injections into the armpit

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Botox injection into the armpits is a medical procedure that is gaining popularity in recent days. It reduces sweat and eliminates body odor. This procedure is done every 6-12 months and is completely painless because the doctors apply the numbing cream in the armpit before using the syringe.

Miradry – the technology that heats up and destroys your sweat glands

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Miradry is a technology that uses heat to destroy the sweat glands from your underarm. You need to get multiple sessions done for it to work effectively, but it can reduce your sweating by as much as 82%!

However, this process is used only on armpits so the rest of your body still has sweat glands to release the heat.



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