13 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Filed That Seem Too Unreal

When it comes to lawsuits, America is the thriving land for people who live and breathe by lawsuits. The legal system in America is fast and flexible when it comes to certain situations, and many people do take advantage of that.

Life that time when Red Bull got sued for $13 million for “not giving wings” and when a man won a case against himself for $300,000 that was paid by his insurance company.

Read on to find more ridiculous and hilarious lawsuits ever.

#1. Man sued himself for $5 million

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In 1995, a man named Robert Lee Brock sued himself and asked for $5 million dollar in compensation. His reasons were that he was drunk and committed crimes that violated his religious beliefs.

He asked the state that since he deserved $5 million in the lawsuit, but since he can’t afford to pay it to himself then the state should pay it on his behalf because he can’t work.

The judge only considered it as “an innovative approach to civil rights litigation” but dismissed the case, calling it totally ludicrous.

#2. Kentucky man hit himself with Boomerang, sued himself and won

man sued himself and won
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A Kentucky man sued himself for $300,000 for getting hit by a boomerang that he himself had thrown. The court awarded him the amount, and all of it was paid to him by his insurance company.

The court gave the statement that he caused himself body damage through negligence and carelessness, and that’s why he won the case against himself.

#3. Old man on Tinder sued to reduce his age by 20 years

hide the pain harold
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A 69-year old man in Netherlands said he wasn’t getting dates on Tinder since women were rejecting him due to his age. He sued in the court for the right to reduce his age by 20 years, since he thought he had the looks of a 49-year old man.

The court dismissed the case because there is no law or human right that allows people to control their own age.

#4. Parents sued son for not moving out of their house

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In 2018, a couple from New York sued their 30-year old son so that the court forces him to move out of their house. First they started sending eviction notice to their son, and offered him $1000 to help him get a job and a new place.

But the son refused to leave and eventually they landed up in court with him. The judge decided in the favour of the parents, and ordered the son to move out.

#5. Man sued his date after she spent all the time on phone

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A man from Texas met a woman on Bumble app, went on a date with her, took her to the movies – and she ended up spending the whole night on her phone.

He was angered and sued her for $17.31 he had spent on the date and the movie tickets. The woman simply paid him the money and asked him to leave her alone.

#6. Gamer sued Fallout 4 makers because he got addicted

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A gamer from Russia got so addicted to Fallout 4 that he couldn’t get away from his controller and kept playing for hours. His addiction kept getting worse – he ended up losing his job, his wife, and his friends. Eventually he sued the company Bethesda Softworks who made Fallout 4, and asked for $7,000 in damages.

#7. Women sued Pepsi because Diet Pepsi didn’t reduce their weight

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In 2018, two women dragged Pepsi to court – claiming that they thought “Diet Pepsi” was a weight loss drink and drinking it didn’t reduce their weight.

The judges dismissed the case, citing that everyone knows diet means lesser calories and it doesn’t mean that you will lose weight just because you drink lesser calories.

#8. Red Bull paid $13 million “not giving wings”

Image Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull really regretted having “gives you wings” as an ad slogan when people started suing the company for not actually giving them wings.

Company finally agreed to settle the lawsuit by paying up $13 million, but the number of people suing the company was so large that each person only got either a check of $10 or a coupon for $15. Hilarious thing is that nobody wanted the $10 check since it’s a small amount and cashing it is just cumbersome – people opted for the Red Bull coupons and eventually ended up buying more Red Bull drinks.

#9. Man slept in a stadium during match, sued ESPN for showing him on camera

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One man fell asleep during a New York Yankees game, and got caught on ESPN cameras as the commentators of the game made a joke about him. Later, the man sued ESPN for defamation and asked for $10 million as compensation because he said the ESPN ruined his reputation.

Court refused the lawsuit, saying that he was shown only for 30 seconds and the jokes by commentators were harmless fun as they didn’t really hurt his reputation.

#10. Kidnapper sued the victims for calling the cops on him

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In 2009, Jesse Dimmick escaped from jail, broke into a couple’s house and held them hostage. Eventually, when he fell asleep, the couple got away and called the police. Dimmick got caught and then he sued the couple.

He said the couple made a legally binding oral agreement when they said they’d let him stay free, but they turned back on the agreement. His case in court was dismissed.

#11. Man sued his boss for farting

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An Australian man named David Hingst sued his boss who used to fart around him. David said that he used to work into a small office without windows, and his boss would come into his office for at least five times a day and fart inside, thinking it was funny.

David claimed compensation of $1.3 million in damages from bullying and harassment but the case didn’t fly.

#12. Guy sued his parents for destroying his porn collection

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People do sue over destroyed property, but what would you do if the destroyed “property” is your porn collection and people who destroyed it are your parents?

A man in Indiana moved back in with his after parents after his divorce, but then he found that his collection of porn and sex toys “mysteriously vanished” right after he settled in his parents’ house. He said the collection was worth $30,000 and wanted his parents to pay up.

What really worked in his favour that his father actually mentioned in an email that he had destroyed the porn collection.

#13. Man sued wife for giving birth to “ugly” baby

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In 2012, a happy couple gave birth to a child but the father thought the baby was extremely “ugly” so he sued his wife. He thought the wife was cheating on him.

But even a stranger revelation came out, as the woman confessed that he was actually the father of the baby but she had done $80,000 worth of plastic surgery to change her own appearance before marriage. She had just never told him about that.

Man won the lawsuit worth $100,000 because the court declared that the woman had swindled him.



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