Spotify Shortcuts To Make The Lives Of Music Lovers Way Too Easier

Ever since the launch of Spotify, it has become the king of the music streaming industry, thanks to its versatility and personalizing experience for the listeners. The reason why Spotify has become our go-to app for listening to our favorite music is that it helps us discover new music and artists based on our liking and preferences.

That’s not it.

You can create your own playlists and even invite your friends to collaborate. Music brings people closer and Spotify does understand that. What’s better is that you can listen to your favorite podcasts, radio stations, and video content. 

No wonder it has 100 million active monthly users.

Obviously, the free subscription has limited its features to the listeners and are only available if you pay a monthly subscription. If you buy Spotify Premium, the content gets richer and you don’t have to sit through the advertisements. The paid version comes with more perks like offline listening, high-quality sound, shuffle play, and Spotify Connect.

The app is simple, but if you prefer desktop or laptops to stream music, then here are a few shortcuts you need to memorize to enjoy listening to your favorite music.

Here are the shortcuts.

shortcut 1shortcut 2shortcut 3shortcut 5


If you have Spotify Premium, then you make some changes in the account settings like the quality of music, streaming options. Enable ‘Normalize Volume’ if you want to smooth out the jarring volume differences. You can also mix tracks into each other in the Advanced Settings options. 

Obviously, you can also use the media keys available on Windows and Mac keyboard that let you play/pause or change the tracks, and adjust the volume as you like. Remember these shortcuts and you will become the King of Spotify at your next house party.


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