Science Just Proved That Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Sorry Cat Lovers!

When it comes to choosing between cats and dogs, it is indeed one tough choice to make. However, Science simply chooses dogs!

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Based on scientific research conducted by Newsweek, we found the following reasons why Dogs are better than Cats.

#1. Dogs are good for your heart, literally

Courtesy: The Active Times

Dog owners are at a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease compared to cat owners. The Research found that they do not just prevent cardiovascular disease but also improve the living conditions of their owners. Senior citizens with dogs were found to be happy, fit, and healthy.

#2. Dog allergies are more forgiving than cat allergies

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Since the protein molecule on cat skin is harder on the human body in comparison to dog’s skin, children developing cat allergies are more common as compared to children developing dog allergies. The number of children allergic to cats allergies found to beĀ almost double of children allergic to dogs.

#3. Dogs can literally detect cancer even when it’s medically undetectable

Courtesy: Live Science

Yes, this is true. Dogs are now being trained to develop electronic ways to detect cancer based on their ability. Dogs can detect evasive forms of cancer like Ovarian cancer (also called the silent killer) in its early stage.

#4. Dogs are smarter than cats

Dogs are scientifically proven to have more neurons than cats do. It makes them smarter and more adaptive to the human lifestyle than their feline counterparts. The research and its findings on how dogs are smarter than cats will shock you. Dogs have 500 million neurons in their cerebral cortex (double that of cats).

The last and most agreed on non-scientific reason:

Dogs are just love bombs in comparison to cats, seriously!


Be it snuggles, random kisses, or even goofing around, dogs are simply adorable. It’s our love for dogs that we have a day dedicated just to them. However, this blog would be incomplete without mentioning working dogs and service dogs.

Yes, pawstars help people with physical disabilities and pain. There are countless stories of people who were saved by dogs. Here’s a video showing how the life of a homeless drug addict changed because of a dog.

The man was a drug addict and was suicidal before he met his paw star. He attributes the very joy and meaning of his life to his dog. He said that he took his dog over to the Brooklyn Bridge, looking to jump off, but the fact that his dog would be alone in the world stopped him. His dog saved his life.

So, now you have some more valid reasons to pamper your pooch again!






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