This Woman Installed A Camera Inside Her Bird Feeder & The Results Are So Adorable

Whoever invented the idea of the photo booth was a genius but this woman who installed the camera inside a bird feeder is the genius of the century because the result is so adorable.

Lisa, an avid bird enthusiast from Germany, took her enthusiasm for bird watching to the next level when she moved to Michigan. She was fascinated to spot a new bird every day in her backyard. Some days she encountered goldfinches, other days she was lucky to catch a glimpse of Blue jays and cardinals.

Since her father was a photographer, she has a decent knowledge in photography apart from having a background in media. There could not be a better subject for her than these bords to experiment with her photography skills. 

“I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR” Ostdrossel told Animal Channel. “This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth!” 

So, she bought a small box camera with a macro lens on top and regular on the bottom and place it inside the bird feeder in her backyard.

The box camera is capable of taking 7,000 photos a day. So, whenever a bird land on the water bowl, a motion sensor is triggered and the camera starts clicking the photo.

If you are having a bad day, these little birdies might cheer you up.


Lisa’s routine for the rest of her day goes in going through all these photos, delete the bad ones and edit those she find publishable. She shared the results of her experiment on Instagram where she goes by the name of Ostdrossel.

She wanted to share her experience with her friends and family in Germany. Thank God, she did not decide to deprive us with a little bundle of joy. For those who are bird watchers, her Insta feed is cocaine to them because you will be hooked. She already has more than 20 k followers on her profile.





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