Smoking Is More Dangerous For Women Than It’s For Men – Here’s How

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Be it, men or women, smoking is injurious to everybody’s health. The consumption of nicotine has done no good to anyone ever. Smoking is a serious form of addiction which takes many lives each year. Smoking is bad for women health as much as it is to men’s health. It poses hazardous health issues, some of which are immediate while others take time to develop.

Though smoking is a choice for both men and women, the harmful impacts of smoking on women’s health cannot be denied. Since women have more complex bodies than men, the ill consequences of smoking are way more severe in them. 

Impacts Of Smoking On Women’s Health

Reproductive Issues

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It is so hard for a woman to stay healthy and young   given the health problems she faces in today’s world. Women who smoke have more painful and irregular periods. Smoking can also cause low levels of estrogen in a female’s body which may lead to mood swings, fatigue, and vaginal dryness. They also get menopause at a younger age. If you are facing difficulties getting pregnant, it could be because of your unhealthy smoking habit.

Respiratory Issues

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a disease which makes breathing difficult and gets worse with time. Smokers usually suffer from COPD and women are at higher risk than men. More women have died of COPD than men and unfortunately, there is no cure for this pulmonary disease.

Heart-related Issues

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Smoking also puts you at risk of heart diseases. What is worrying is that more women who smoke have died of cardiovascular issues than men. Smoking and oral contraceptives don’t go hand in hand, greatly increasing the risk of heart disease in women. Smoking is also responsible for abdominal aortic aneurysm i.e. weakening of the main blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body.


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It is another unfortunate impact of smoking on women’s health. Smoking puts you at increased risk of cancer in the lungs, pancreas, kidney, liver, throat, and bladder. More women have died of lung cancer than men because of smoking. It also increases the chances of cervical cancer which is just one of the health issues women face today.

Pregnancy-related issues

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If you smoke during you are pregnant, not only it puts you at some serious risks but also your baby. If a baby is exposed to nicotine, it can stunt its development before and after birth. Smoking during pregnancy causes a higher risk of serious birth defects. It can also induce premature delivery. The child is less liley to have normal brain development. As scary as it may sound, the baby can also die of sudden infant death syndrome.

So, women should definitely quit smoking if they are expecting a baby. Nicotine patches or gums and vapes can be used as a substitute to quit smoking. Remember, smoking is not cool!


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