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Eight Issues Greatly Affecting Women’s Health Today

Today’s woman is the average multitasking goddess. She works, handles family, home, relationships, and deadlines. Often times in this fast-paced environment the average working woman tends to neglect her health.


Neglect doesn’t mean being careless and not working out. Rather, it’s more of not making an effort to educate yourself on the threats to health. It’s understandable, the time constraints and different sections of life pulling you in 8 ways each day. We get it. That’s why we’ve brought information on this which won’t tax much on your time or energy.

Issues women face today

Women’s health issues include a myriad number of diseases such as endometriosis, heart failure, breast cancer, and many more. These are just a few of the ailments that are known to affect women’s health. Also, all of these health issues can be rectified if spotted early. That’s where awareness comes in.

Knowing the issue is a half-battle won. When you understand the liabilities, you’ll be armed and prepared to solve them. Ignorance is a major cause of defeat and death.

Here are eight of the most common health issues women are prone to these days:

Depression and anxiety

Researchers found women to be more prone to psychological problems like depression and neuroticism, as reported by the National Institute Of Mental Health(NIMH). There are quite a few biological factors that contribute to this. For example, the onset of PMS, menopause, or even perimenopause causes a significant change in a woman’s mood.


A cruel disease of the bone. This affects a lot of women today. Causes for osteoporosis have been boiled down to Alcoholism, Excessive Smoking, Unsuitable Medicines, Steroids usage, Genetic anomalies, and age.

Ovarian and cervical cancer

Probably an epidemic these days, ovarian and cervical cancer are dreadfully similar. This makes it hard to distinguish between the two. Ovarian cancer is tough to detect with symptoms. You can stay safe by regularly visiting your gynecologist.

Heart-related issues

Women are easily prone to stress. This in turn poses a higher risk of heart failure. There’s a simple way to better this. Just practice 5 minutes of silence each day and time outdoors with nature. As a result, you significantly cut down stress and eventually the risk of heart failure.


PCOS, PCOD, endometriosis are common terms nowadays. All these conditions can lead to infertility if left untreated.

Auto-immune diseases

A disease where one’s immune system turns against the healthy cells of the body.

Breast cancer
Courtesy: netdoctor

Probably one of the most common ailments affecting women these days. Though early detection makes it easy to treat. One should make sure to visit your health care provider regularly for check-ups.

Hormonal imbalance
Courtesy: Lybrate

The child of stress and overworking is a hormonal imbalance. This can be genetic too. Given all the other causes, the main reason for hormonal imbalance is stress and junk food.


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