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Safe Exercises During Pregnancy To Keep You And Your Baby Hale & Hearty

Congrats! You are pregnant and excited to welcome new member in your life. While that baby bump is getting bigger day by day, that is still no excuse to become a slacker mom-to-be. Exercise is safe in early pregnancy and offers a myriad benefits for you and even the baby. Not only it deals with many pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and morning sickness, it also keep you and your baby in the womb healthy.

So, put on those sneakers, buy a yoga mat, and follow these exercises that are safe during pregnancy.

#1 Swimming

water aerobics for pregnant woman

Yes, swimming! It turns out that exercising in water provides great health benefits during pregnancy. Not only it makes you feel light weight and agile but it also cures your nausea and sciatic pain. Just make sure that pool you are stepping into is not slippery and avoid any heavy strokes or movements.

#2 Yoga
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This is one is every mom to be’s favorite and even recommended by doctors. Prenatal yoga exercises are safe during pregnancy. Your muscles are strengthened, your blood circulation is regulated, and you feel more calm and relaxed. Prenatal yoga also helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure and keep you in control during labor.

#3 Brisk walking
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One of the safe exercises to do while pregnant, brisk walking does not require much effort. Be it any trimester of your pregnancy, you can follow a walking routine right till the day of delivery. This is a great cardiovascular workout (not to mention, free of cost) that does not put much impact on your knees or ankles.

#4 Squatting and Pelvic Tilts
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If you are wondering whether these are safe exercises to do while pregnant, then you can be rest assured. In fact, squatting during pregnancy actually helps you open the pelvis during the labor process. Pelvic tilts, on the other hand, reduce back pain and make your abdominal muscles stronger.

#5 Aerobics
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Love dancing? Join a Zumba or low-effort aerobics class to keep that mojo going on. Both these exercises are safe for pregnant ladies and helps you increase heart rate. On top of it, dancing will keep you and your baby happy and keep those endorphins flowing so you can forget about the infamous mood swings during pregnancy.

#6 Workout
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To work out or not to work out? If that is the question hovering in the minds of fitness freak moms to be, then the answer is yes only after your practitioner gives you a green light. Lifting weight can strengthen your core muscles which you will be needing for all the lifting once the baby is here. However, go easy on weights and avoid jumping or quick movements.

However, before you begin with any exercise, you should first consult with your doctor and then go ahead. If you have not been following any fitness routine before pregnancy, then you should ease down and start slow. Have a happy motherhood!



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