Pilot Dies From Heart Attack During Flight, Crew And Passengers Had To Take Action


Passengers on board the domestic flight in Russia had the shock of their lifetime when they discovered that their pilot died of a heart attack while the airplane was still flying high.

Sunday morning, the flight SU1546 flew from Moscow to Anapa on an Airbus 320, but before it could land the pilot passed away. Now, landing of the plane was a tricky business the crew members had to figure out with the help of passengers.

They still had a long distance to fly when the pilot died

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Passenger Yelena Voronova later commented to the Russia Today that, during the middle of the flight, a flight attendant made an announcement that a crew member was sick, and asked if there were any doctors in the flight. In Yelena’s words:

A stewardess practically ran across the aisle. They later asked if there were any doctors on board and said they really needed them. Then they asked again.

Crew members tried an emergency landing to find a medical helpĀ 

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First, the crew members tried to resuscitate the pilot but failed, and since there were no doctors among the passengers, they had no choice except attempting an emergency landing.

Crew members somehow landed the plane in Rostov-on-Don, seeking medical help for the pilot who suffered the heart attack. But he passed away during the landing according to the Daily Mirror.

Afterwards, the flight continued with a replacement pilot.

The deceased pilot had complained about chest pains before the flight

Image Credit: Pilot News

According to Russia Today source, the pilot had complained about severe pain in his chest before the flight. They did a “routine” medical check-up on him and found no issues with his health, and said he was “good to go”.

An investigation has been launched to check for blunders in the health check-up, while no spokesperson from the Russian airline service Aeroflot was available for comments, according to the Independent.



Featured Image Courtesy: Ali Express

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