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Feeling Tired All The Time? These 4 Simple Changes In Your Lifestyle Will Help

Almost everybody that you know, including yourself, might have this problem. We feel tired all the time, it just seems like we don’t have the energy or time to do the things that we actually enjoy or want to do.

Studies have shown that new-age lifestyle has created a life of constant stress and no fun, and we are all trapped in it. We have found some ways that you can change your lifestyle to stop feeling tired all the time.

Making these simple changes will boost your energy levels, and you will have more time and energy for yourself.

Watch what you eat

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First step you can take towards feeling more energetic is to make some simple changes in your diet:

  • Drink more water – A hydrated body has more energy.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake – While two coffees in a day are super helpful to boost your energy level, more than 4 coffees will actually take you down in a slump.
  • Never miss breakfast – Having food in the morning gives fuel to your body that burns all day and keeps you energetic, try these best breakfast options for an empty stomach.
  • Don’t skip food, ever – Try to eat on regular intervals, skipping meals and then stuffing yourself later causes more energy slumps than normal.
  • Don’t snack up when hungry – Snacking up when hungry will fill your stomach but won’t give you any nutrients so your body will still have no energy to function with. Lack of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in snacks will actually reduce your stamina.
  • Create a diet that is healthy – Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, have lean meats and whole grain foods. Reduce the amount of sugar, salt, fat, and spices in your food.
  • Don’t overeat – Eating a lot of food at once actually doesn’t give you much energy since the body can only absorb so much. Try eating multiple small meals throughout the day so that your body always has a constant level of energy all day long.
  • Have foods rich in iron – Iron-rich foods increase your haemoglobin levels which helps in carrying more oxygen to your cells, and that keeps you energetic.

Sleep soundly tonight, and every night

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People suffering from insomnia, poor sleep, or irregular sleep often complain about fatigue and lower energy levels. Here’s how you can change that:

  • 8 hours of sleep – Adults need to sleep for 8 hours, but that seems almost impossible in this era of capitalism where 11-12 hours of job and commute leave little to no time for anything. But there are ways you can counter that.
  • Reduce caffeine – Reducing the amount of caffeine, and not having caffeine after 4 o’clock in the evening will stop you from being awake after dinner. Here are 9 beverages you can have before bed to sleep better.
  • Try some relaxation technique – More and more people are using ASMR videos to help them fall asleep, to feel relaxed, or even combat loneliness. You can also take help from guided sleep meditation, relaxing music, get a body pillow for physical comfort while in bed.
  • Avoid using your smartphone or laptop – Better to not take your digital devices to bed at all. Leave the laptop outside the bedroom, keep the smartphone at the end table. Blue light from the screen messes up with your brain’s circadian cycle and prevents sleep.

Get that body movin’

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Some changes in your daily habits can drastically increase your energy levels.

  • Don’t smoke – Smokers have lower energy levels than non-smoking people. Smoke inside your lungs increases the amount of Carbon Monoxide in your blood which keeps you drowsy all the time, and high amount of it can also kill you.
  • Reduce the “sitting down” time – If you spend too much time sitting at work, or binging TV shows at home then it may be the reason you feel tired all the time. Instead, take a walk often, even if it is to the kitchen or toilet or another room.
  • Exercise if and when you can – Exercise improves oxygen circulation in your body, and keeps your blood pressure in check. Physical exercise releases endorphins which also help in stress and anxiety. Exercising during the day also helps you sleep better at night.
  • No substance abuse – Alcohol or drugs can keep your energy level down at all times and even stop you from functioning well. Seek help if you are unable to quit.
  • Workplace stress – An exhausting job takes a toll on you physically and mentally, and it eventually leads to total burnout. Remember your rights, and know that you don’t have to work any more than the worth the company is paying you. Educate your fellow employees on worker rights.

Keep calm and chill out

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Research has shown that 80% of the fatigue of tiredness comes from mental stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Seek a therapist – You can seek a therapist for your stress and anxiety issues, connect with friends and help each other out. Try to assess your problems and find a solution that helps you feel better. Considering that a therapist costs an arm and a leg, try going for affordable therapists who aren’t out there to rob you.
  • “Switch off” and relax – Constant stress drains the body, and keeps you down in the dumps all the time. Learn how to dissociate and switch off at times. Do some yoga, play some games, meditate, watch ASMR, spend time with your pet.
  • Do nothing – In the 21st century capitalism, we are conditioned and programmed to always keep doing something. It has become so bad that we feel guilty about taking a break, resting, and doing nothing for a while. Let go of this conditioning, and sit down for a while to do literally nothing. Just lie down and daydream, or go to the roof to stare the clouds and the sky, or simply do nothing.
  • Entertain yourself –  Find some time in the day to do things that make you happy rather than doing things that you do to impress others. Be free of other people’s opinions and your own self-judgment, and just enjoy some silly fun, some guilty pleasures, whatever you feel like.



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