22 Photoshopped Hybrid Animals That Are Too Cool For Reality

While nature has produced most marvelous of creatures, there is a greater power that can create beings too awesome and too cool for reality. That greater power is called Photoshop and it’s wielded by the Photoshop wizards on the Internet.

Here are 25 hybrid creatures of Photoshop, that should exist in reality but they don’t. Because they really are too cool for the mundane world.

#1. Beargator

Image Credit: Tieng

You are not safe. In the water. On the land. On the trees. You are not safe anywhere.

#2. Guinea Lion

Image Credit: Imgur

It’ll kill you twice. First with that cuteness, then with those hunting claws.

#3. Shard

Image Credit: Twitter

A tiny bird with a shark jaw, can fly and maul you anywhere you are.

#4. Sharkorse

Image Credit: Boredpanda

How fast can you run, dear human? This stuff is made of nightmares.

#5. Dird

Image Credit: Freaking News

Dird is the official name of this creature, according to Know Your Meme. It’s adorable as heck.

#6. Butterphant

Image Credit: Urban Vanilla

The majestic beast with iridescent butterfly wings for ears? Sign me up for a trip to their planet.

#7. Hippopotamouse

Image Credit: Petapixel

Hippopotamouse is the only type of mouse that can actually bell the cat. It’ll happen soon. You’ll get to hear tale of it.

#14. Sparrongutan

Image Credit: Pinterest

Teeny weeny birds with terrifying canines? Bless your luck that they don’t exist.

#15. Hairy Potter

Image Credit: Funnyjunk

A hairy pony + otter. Will destroy your horcruxes and steal your fish.

#16. Tortoiffe

Image Credit: Flickr

A discreet shell lies in the grass. A head comes out slowly, keeps coming out, keeps coming out, keeps coming out. Soon you see the head is 15 feet in the air, the shell is on the ground, and a long neck bridges the both. You’ve met Tortoiffe.

#17. Parrodile

Image Credit: Haiku Deck

A beautiful green parrodile. Parrot body and crocodile head. Every other bird who cares about its eggs, is happy that the parrodile is not a real thing.

#18. Rhineagle

Image Credit: Iranianuk

Imagine a leather tank that got mighty wings of the golden eagle. It can swoop at you with the speed of 320 kph.

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#19. Ostrabbit

Image Credit: Imgur

Cutest animal that can kick a lion to death with those ostrich legs. Finally the rabbit gets some defense mechanism.

#20. Beelion

Image Credit: Reddit

Beelion’s sting or bite, either of those will hurt like hell. Bees are already terrifying as fuck when they are angry, let’s rejoice that they don’t have lion heads.

#21. Elesnake

Image Credit: Jenna Lewis

Imagine a gigantic elephant with a thick nope rope for the trunk. It would be able to create a unique sound by mixing trumpeting and hissing. *shudders*

#22. Rhinoshark

Image Credit: Blazepress

This will be the last thing people would see before the toothy leather tank slams them to their deaths.



Featured Image Courtesy: Fishki

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