22 (New) Pictures of Birds With Human Arms That Show How Crazy The Internet Can Be

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Photoshop quests on the Internet keep happening every other day. Something or the other pops up into the stream of virality, and Photoshop wizards get their pointy hats out and set to work. Out comes the phenomenal works of art and comedy that make everyone laugh.

And we all can use a laugh in these sordid times.

Here are 22 pictures of birds photoshopped with human arms, (Okay, one of them has stick arms, but it’s too hilarious to not be included):

#1. Wheeeeeee!

Image Credit: Twitter

It’s not what it looks like! Duh.

#2. Thug Life Pigeons

Image Credit: VisualizePicture

On a beautiful overcast day, you are walking down a quiet street when suddenly you are shoved from behind. You fall splat on the ground, and when you raise your head, you see a gang of thug pigeons looking at you like this. What do you do?

#3. Determined Racer

Image Credit: Pinterest

He will win the race, I’m telling you.

#4. Monday Morning Mania

Image Credit: Giphy

Mondays are hard. Good for these birds, who managed to dress up and now they’re waiting for the office bus to arrive.

#5. Turn off the camera, assh*le!

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

Terrifying pictures that were taken moments before disaster. You don’t want to know what happened to the Photographer.

#6. Luke, I am your father

Image Credit: Digitalspace

Crow Luke: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Crow Darth Vader: What?

Crow Luke: What?

#7. So I’m playing this suave, international guy

Image Credit: Reddit

You might wanna comb the neckbeard and change that fedora, Mr. Crow.

#8. Wedding of the Millennium

Image Credit: Yukle

On their wedding, they released a bunch of humans from cages. So far, it used to be the other way round, innit?

#9. Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you

Image Credit: The Dope University

Artist: Sting feat. Owl with binoculars

#10. Weekday Morning Existential Dread

Image Credit: Cheezburger

What am I doing with my life? Going to work, sipping coffee, pressing buttons, is that all there is to life?

#11. Brace yourselves, winter is coming!

Image Credit: Upcoming

Aye, Mr Stark. This bird is called Greater Sage Grouse, and from the side it looks like to be wearing a plush fluffy shawl. From the front, however, you’d see what seems like two testicles stuck to its neck. Overall, a majestic bird.

#12. Dammit. Not Again!

Image Credit: Izismile

If only I had a dollar for every time the old cheesy movies used to do this kind of scene.

#13. Gladiator!

Image Credit: Valet

You can’t mess around with this pigeon.

#14. Metallica!

Image Credit: Funnyjunk

Tell me you can hear the opening riffs to Enter Sandman.

#15. A champion pole vaulter!

Image Credit: Tediado

Let’s get ready to count the Olympic medals. Michael Phelps, your records are in danger.

#16. Literally, the greatest band ever

Image Credit: Sad & Useless

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd — none of them got anything on these Pelicans.

#17. First day of school

Image Credit: VKFaces

I am OD-ing on cuteness, what about you?

#18. Seasonal Fashionista

Image Credit: Imgur

Winter is on. So the scarves are out, and so is the stylish handbag, and the high heels. Seasonal fashionista is here to slay.

#19. Hands behind your head, knees on the ground, now!

Image Credit: Reddit

Cop crows are here to arrest you, eh? If this is America, then hope that they don’t shoot you.

#20. Sniper Goose

Image Credit: Reddit

How good is her aim? Run away from her and you’ll soon find out from your proctologist.

#21. Are you not entertained?

Image Credit: Flamp

The chicken crossed the road to go the battlefield, slew a score of enemies, and did a chicken dance. You’re still not entertained?

#22. Monsieur, so you want a Bouillabaisse with a side of Boeuf bourguignon?

Image Credit: Exploring Mars

A classy French restaurants on the edge of ice sheet in Antarctica, and the penguin comes to take your order. It pronounces bouillabaisse and boeuf bourguignon better than you or me.



Featured Image Courtesy: Izismile

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