Looking For The Best Diets For Seniors? We’ve Got You Covered

It is said that the old ones are the pride of humanity. And rightly so. Very few can boast of the experiences you’ve had and learned from at your age. While today’s lifestyle might loathe being a senior, let me tell you; it’s one of the best phases of life. It’s that phase where you go from being a torchbearer to a teacher. It’s that age when people turn to you for guidance. If you take a look at the seniors of old times, you’ll see that they seemed way stronger and resilient to life physically than we are today.

The reason for a diet


This is mainly due to the drop in nutritional value in food. Given today’s fast-food loving generation it can become a real ordeal having healthy meals these days. Even more so for the crown generation crossing 60 this time around. Eating healthy is a must to preserving your body and sustaining yourself through later days of life. The saying that everything degrades as it ages is probably a widely accepted untrue statement. Very much like wine, the human body has its perks at every age.


Your body is never against you, always for you. In fact, recent research has found most diseases in young and old alike to be caused by emotional upheaval and imbalance. Be you of any age, there’s hope and truth in the statement that your body can heal. It all comes down to our emotions in the end.

Coming back, a major part of healing and sustaining yourself is by eating healthy. Given the importance of having seniors around, here are some easy tips to keep yourself eating healthy every day.

What you can do

The best way to maintain a good nutrition intake per day is through a suitable diet. As we age our body metabolism tends to slow down. The body tends to consume its own reserves for sustenance. To prevent this, a healthy intake of good food and multivitamin supplements is a must. Not to forget calcium supplements for bone health.

We’re all creatures of habit, So, imagine you’re 75 years old and have to change your habits and incorporate new foods like tofu in your diet. Although most diets offer plenty of online and printed resources, they can be overwhelming. It’s hard sometimes to pick up a book and say, ‘what should I be eating’.

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Leaving out supplements, as a senior following a strict and orderly diet is a must. It’s best if you consult a nutritionist before proceeding to curate a diet. Why? because they can point out what’s best for your body type. Also, as quoted above, it can get pretty tiring formulating your own diet. So relax, lay back and let a trusted expert guide you. However, if you’re one of the ‘trial and error’ kind, check out these awesome diets:

  1. DASH Diet
  2. Mediterranean Diet
  3. The Flexitarian Diet
  4. Weight Watchers Diet
  5. MIND Diet
  6. TLC Diet
  7. Volumetrics Diet
  8. Mayo Clinic Diet
  9. Vegetarian Diet
  10. The Fertility Diet
  11. Ornish Diet

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