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Going Bald? 5 Reasons That Cause Hair Loss In Men

Going bald is every man’s worst nightmare. Whether you are a man in your twenties or fifties, loss of hair can scare any man. After all, it’s losing a part of your identity. While a few processes that cause hair loss in men are untreatable, rest of them are reversible and can be controlled with proper treatment and medication.

If you are wondering what can cause hair fall in men, here are some of the reasons that can knock one’s confidence:

Illness or Surgery

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One of the probable reasons that cause hair loss in men could be prolonged illness or having a surgery. Since it is an allergic reaction, this may not be as pervasive as other causes because it depends upon how one reacts to the treatment. Don’t be too scared if you shed tremendous amounts of hair for they will return in a few months. If still you are worried about your hair loss, you can consult a doctor.

Genetics or ageing

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Is your dad bald too? Did your grandfather and forefathers show baldness? If yes, then your balding condition could be genetic. It is not necessary that you will turn bald if you have a history in your family. But it is a good chance that you may.

Age is another factor that cause hair loss in men. As you get older, your hairline starts receding and you begin to show bald patch at the back of your head.

Hormonal imbalance

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You must be aware of hormone called testosterone that is responsible for your vocal cord development, muscular growth, and sex drive among other things that make you a man. When the enzymes in your body breaks down testosterone into less useful dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it causes a hormonal imbalance in your body. DHT shrinks the hair follicles which results into thinning of hair or even hair loss.


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If you are wondering what can cause hair loss in young men, then that reason is most probably stress. Pressure at work or emotional stress in life can be blamed for your hair fall. Having stress can cause your hair to stop growing normally. Alopecia is an abnormal hair fall condition wherein you lose hair in round patches on the scalp.

Do not lose hope because hairfall due to stress is not permanent. If you work to improve on your lifestyle, you may just be able to stop hair from falling off your scalp. Hair fall may also indicate that you have diabetes or lupus. So, it is wise to get it checked by a doctor once.

Malnutrition and sleep deprivation

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Imbalanced diet and sleep deprivation can also cause hair fall in man. What you eat (or deficiency of it) and how many hours you sleep can affect the condition of your hair. Poor lifestyle is an invitation to myriad of health conditions and hair fall is one of them. Your body maybe lacking in nutrients that are essential for hair to grow. Having a balanced diet and getting good hours of sleep is one step closer to avoid hair loss.

Thyroid issues

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Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism in men can also cause hair fall in man. Thyroid issues are responsible for speeding up the conversion of testosterone to DTH which in turn causes thinning of hair or balding in men.


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Is there something that you ingesting that could cause hair loss in men? Yes, it could be. If you are on some kind of medication, hair loss could be just one of its side effects. In that case, you should consult with your doctor to counter the effect.

These causes of hair fall in men should not worry you as most of them can be treated. For rest, you have hair transplant.



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