VIDEO: US Army Killed Iranian Commander as Iran Plans to Take Revenge, US Cities Put On Security Alert


Pentagon has announced that, based on President Donald Trump’s orders, the US army has killed the second most powerful man in Iran – Major General Qassem Suleimani, who was also the head of Iran’s paramilitary forces.

On the other hand, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani was furious and aggrieved as he tweeted saying that “Iran will take revenge against US.”

Now, this rash step of Donald Trump has landed the situation into a soup where an all-out war seems unavoidable.

Iran’s President vows to take revenge against America

Iranian President said that the act of military aggression by the US in Middle East region was akin to terrorism and extremism, and said that they will keep resisting the US invasion.

He praised General Soleimani, and said that he would raise flags to honour his death. He also added that:

The great nation of Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime. 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khemenei has also warned that US will face “harsh consequences” after the killing of Suleimani.

US has killed the second most powerful man in Iran, what are the consequences?

Iranian commander Suleimani killed by US
Image Credit: Express

Suleimani was the head of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, and was revered by most people in Iran. He had a devout band of followers and supporters who made him the second most powerful man in Iran, first being the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the head of the state of Iran and commander-in-chief of the Iranian military.

Iranian President said that Suleimani and his Quds Force were “combatting terrorism and extremism in the region.”

The foreign minister of Iran called it a “foolish military attack” and said that Suleimani was fighting the terrorism caused by ISIS and Al Qaeda, and now that US has killed him – the terrorism by ISIS is only going to grow. This claim affirms the idea that US has been funding and supporting ISIS to destabilize the middle eastern region, and then swoop in with their army and corporates to get hold of the oil wells.

This footage shows the airstrike carnage that killed the Iranian general


US claimed that General Suleimani – also called as the “shadow commander” – was responsible for killing hundreds of American and NATO soldiers, and he was also responsible for injuring thousands more.

After Iran vows revenge, whole US is on a security alert

helicopter over new york city
Image Credit: Viator

Cities of New York and Los Angeles have been taking extra security measures as Iran threatens to take revenge against US.

Mayor of the New York City, Bill de Blasio, has talked to the New York Police Department, and started a vigilant program that could keep an eye on any upcoming attacks on the city. Security forces in Los Angeles are also monitoring the city, searching for any possible threat that could come on the city.

On Friday morning, US State Department issued a red alert for US citizens in the middle east region, and asked them to “depart Iraq immediately” as the growing tensions in the area can lead to a war very soon.

Also, the US Embassy in Iran has been under constant attack from Iran-backed militia, so the US citizens are also warned to stay away from the Embassy.

Political experts are sure that this attack will certainly lead to a war

nancy pelosi
Image Credit: CNBC

Hamid Mousavi, a political science professor at the University of Tehran, has said that the “killing of General Suleimani is an act of war,” and it was similar to “if Iran assassinated the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff of US Army.”

While US army has tried to justify the attack by saying that Suleimani was a threat to the safety of American diplomats and combatants in the middle eastern region, and his killing “was aimed at stopping future attacks by Irans” – almost every other person in the US disagrees with the justification.

The common opinion among people, except Republicans, is that this assassination order by Donald Trump will only worsen and escalate the situation – and now it is not possible to stop the US from spiralling down into a war.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the strike risks further violence, and the world is now reaching the point of war from where there is no return.



Featured Image Courtesy: Washington Post

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  1. Who are you to call President Trumps action rash? You are probably a hillary and barrach follower who would sit and watch American citizens being tortured sodomized and murdered for 8 hours instead of sending help that was an hour and a half away!

    1. There are no American citizens there, just soldiers and bureaucrats and corporations who are just there only for the purpose of war. If you don’t wage war, you won’t be killed. Iran is not coming to the US, US is going to Iran – think about who is the aggressor here and whose fault it really is.

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